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There are over 1100 tunnels in Norway.
Most people have no emergency room.


The tunnel security is based on that
everyone has a responsibility to get themselves out.


Since 2011, Norway has had
Eight large tunnel fires.


Just coincidence and helplessness
has made no one dead.


This movie is inspired
of these events.


Dad won't come.


He's busy with Ingrid.
I'll probably have a new family soon.


Mona Berge 1978-2016
Highly injured - deeply missing


I don't think it's going to be Christmas.
It will be the first time in a long time.


Merry Christmas, Mom.


I don't see a shit up here.


Keep focus and smooth speed,
so you're not stuck.


Easy to see.
I have to look down to change.


Ivar? Have you lost control completely?
in the back?


No, the damn ass just flew out
out of the column and past you.


- You have to stop him.
- I don't see him.


- He could stop him before the tunnel.
- We'll see how far he comes.


It is mirrorless about 500 meters.


- How's it going down there?
- Some people have started coming.


Children are hearing and looking and happy.


- Did you hear the storm hit the Christmas tree?
- No! Did it?


Hi. It was Christian.
Have you talked to Elise?


It got really good last week.


Now it's just two days left.
We drop it. I'm not doing anything.


- I like to be alone.
- Not on Christmas Eve.


I want you to be there.
I'll take it with Elise tonight.


Something's been going on.
I have to put it on. We hear.


Silverfish? No, that's wrong.


I didn't sell an apartment
I knew there were silver fish.


Are you bringing me up on the wall again?


You can't drive in the column.


Was it a column? I'm in a hurry.
I had to make it to the Christmas ending.


- Hello. Is it good?
- Yes.


Can't you just pull me up?
What do you take before that?


Can't wait, many are waiting. I can
Call a citizen, but it will take time.


- Sure.
- You're with the boy at your own risk?


But how long does it take?


Double Shift. Are you never free?


Andrea lives here. The move request was made.
Just a little paperwork left.


- No one has to work at Christmas either.
- Merry Christmas


- Careful.
- Get yourself a gingerbread.


Finally! I freeze the heck out of me.
Do we open the road?


I do not think so.


- Do you open the road?
- Now it's black asphalt all the way.


- Did you see the drive by the Chair?
- It should be nice, Stein.


We have to get people home for Christmas, okay?
That's how we do it.


- Do you check the technology room?
- Yes.


Come on, dad!


You have a new message.


Hi dad.
I'm standing at my mother's grave.


Why do we always have to wait
papa you?


- Hello.
- Are you on the move?


I'm in the middle of the tunnel,
soon without thickening. How's that?


- Stone? Hall?
- Hall?


Hey, it's Elise.
I can't answer right now.


But look for the beep.
Hi there!


It's a Tesla. Let it burn.
We'll take double overtime, huh?






- And have the cellphone on now, Randi!
- Don't you see it?


It should be more snow. Tea cups should
not through the tunnel until tonight.


Did you lose?


Hey! Do you need to go beyond your reach?


Hey! Hi, Viddo. I - Anatol.


My name is Tom. Nice.
Are you okay?


I'm not tired, I'm driving.
My first job for Norway.


It will be very snowy. We had to
Over the mountain before the walls are closed.


Okay, you know.


Hi. Can I go to Bergen?


I'm not allowed to bring passengers
because of my load.


- Ask "Mr Kitchen" behind me.
- Yes, okay.


Tom, no lifters.
I always drive alone.


... stiff breeze. Light snow and snow
in the inner, high parts.


More and Romsdal: western breeze
and up to strong breeze.


Yes, we salt the morning and evening.
Yes, yes, we can handle a lot of traffic.


Yes, that's good. Hi there now.


- It's going to be a storm.
- It might miss us.


The forecasts are uncertain.
We've done it before.


It's a pure ride. You know
how fast the weather changes up there.


Maybe you should
have become a meteorologist, Stein.


You are free, it does not go,
traffic flows.


Do you know how long it could be
if we had closed the road now?


- Merry Christmas, Stein.
- Merry Christmas.


Merry Christmas.


Have fun with Ingrid, your good luck.


Damn it. How lucky you are. Ingrid.
It's more of a turn, it's a jackpot!


I want to hear a yes from you!
Saw it: "Yes, I'm lucky!"


Merry Christmas!


Thanks for the effort in all years!




- Just give her the flowers.
- I brought flowers for you.


We bought them on the hit road.


- Hi, Mona.
- So nice.


Can't you taste the Christmas ice cream?
I made 50 liters to your market.


You, I have to talk to Stein.
Do you know when he's coming?


He's on his way. I just talked
with him. Varsgod!


It's not very snowy this year, is it?
You promised it to your Christmas market.


Do not pull the climate card.
It's a lot of snow.


Hope it gets snow until Christmas Eve.


Do you see?


Look for Stein
I have to talk to him.


Look for the beep. Hi there!


Hi, Elise. Did you get my message?
It would be nice to talk a little.


I shop for dinner,
we will see you soon. Okay?


We'll be in five minutes.
Five minutes.


Hello Hello.




Elise is here.


She's waiting for you there.




- Hello.
- Nice to see you.


So long ago, I was expecting you.


- I would come, but I couldn't.
- But you did come here.


How long can you hold your breath now?


New record? Take my time.


I'm not ten years older. Shut off.


Sharpen it. Stop.


Hey! Are you hungry?


- Huh? What are you doing?
- He wants to be funny.


- I'm trying to beat Elise.
- You're not even around.


Before I invite you to a Christmas lunch?


No thanks.
- You wanna talk to me about something?


Yes. We can take it now.


Ingrid and I talked a little about Christmas.
It would have been nice if ...


... we celebrated all three together.


You have no others
to celebrate Christmas with, Ingrid?


- No I have not. But...
- Are you pregnant?




- It was just a suggestion.
- So now I get a new mom?


- You never talk about Mom again.
- We can talk a lot more about mom.


Do you think
l just forget mommy?


We shouldn't forget Mom.


We should never forget Mom.


You and I will never forget Mom.


But it's been three years.
We have to move on.


- I have to move on.
- Life has to go on?


Of everything we learned on the grief course
so is that what you are bringing forward?


It's just "Ingrid, Ingrid, Ingrid"
continuously. Damn it!


- Elise? Where are you going now?
- You and Ingrid can do that!




Just saw you,
Then we take the ticket late.


No, it was a youth. We hope
should not stop for anyone who is late.


Welcome to the express bus
to Oslo.


The journey takes about seven hours.


I remind you that you must
have the safety belt on the entire trip.


Dinner before 2 p.m. 18?


My name is Laila Anes and me
will bring out your whole skin.


- No, Harry's my hamster!
- I hate you!


Now you stop! Nobody hates anyone.


- It's not just your hamster.
- You said Harry was just mine.


We'll share him. Can you say
that the hamster is for both, Mom?


- Good morning.
- Good morning. Do you have alvedon?


- No, I have diabetes tablets.
- It doesn't help with Christmas dinner.


- Are you feeling bad?
- No.


- Wouldn't it be lutefish today?
- Yes.


Viddo? Do you know what happened
last I picked up a lifter?


You won't believe it!


Hi. Are you going to Oslo too?


- Christmas with Grandma.
- Fat. Are you okay or are you?


I'm going to mom. Her trip for years.


She has new kids
and her guy loves Christmas.


Check it out.
So much my stepfather loves Christmas.


Let's just pull up Teslan.
It only takes a few minutes.


Then you should have him all Christmas.
You think I have an extra day.


- Pull it off, and I'll move on.
- No.


- Do you need help or what?
- Why should we need help?


Is it because we piss sitting?


- I don't like tunnels. Do you?
- I just grew up here, so ...


Empty! Anatol rings.


Tom, are you there?


Last time, the lifter hit me.
Can you imagine, Tom?


Don't you want to hear the whole story?


She fucked me and fucked me.




Empty? Are you okay? What happened?


113, Marius. Who am I talking to?


Tom Hillestad.
in the Storfjellet tunnel with a tanker truck.


- Are you injured?
- No, but I'm asking the whole way.


- Thoughts don't seem to leak.
- Is that the gasoline you drive?


Hall? Empty?


Storfjellet tunnel, tank truck accident


No, but we're on our way now. Yes.




Close tunnel. Close tunnel.


Confirm emergency shutdown


You know how often I've been driving here
since I moved here?


Wait. That's bad coverage. We're driving
in the tunnel now. No, wide open.




- It's going to be a storm.
- We figure it out.


I am 46 years old and have been through
twice a week since I was 16.


The most important thing is not how often,
without a whiff.


- You were going to the sweet girl ...?
- Annette.


- Mia!
- Billion. Mia, of course.


And flip you two in the back.
And the hamster Harry.


Oh no.




- It doesn't! I'm stuck, Tom!
- You have to get out.


It is stuck and there is a car behind.




Andrea, the Bergen Traffic Center.
We need to know where you stand in the tunnel.


Several miles in. Maybe two-three.
No, more. No I do not know.


Okay, Tom. We take it easy.
The tunnel is 9 km long.


Did you drive in from the east or west?


Tom, do you see an emergency phone
or a fire extinguisher near you?


- Take it down, and I'll see where you are.
- I drove in from afar.


- I'm looking for a truck.
- No, you can't go past anyone.


Hall? Do you hear me?


But what did you do now?
It's not my truck! VND!


Tom, they go. I'll try again.


Back, so you come around me and out.


Now I have closed the tunnel,
but don't get the driver.


- Do you know he was in the tunnel?
- 2-3 kilometers a mile.


- But it could be more.
- I call the ambulance and the police.


- Is that a column?
- No, it's probably an accident.


- We'll be sitting there all Christmas.
- All right with me.


We go out and see what has happened.


Don't we have a camera in the tunnel?


No, just a webcam
at the column boom.


VTS, Egil Ramsvik.
Yes. The cave tunnel is closed.


In 12.11


We have no overview
About the damage so far.


Tom, are you there?


Marius? He drove in from 12/11.
When did you get the alarm about the accident?


- We got the alarm 12.14.
- That's three minutes later.


We don't know how long after the accident
he called and how fast he drove.


3.5 min reaction time ...


He keeps the speed limit
he goes 2-3 km in.


Sierra 0-1 responds.
Stange fire truck goes out.


- Come as soon as you can.
- We can be there in 50 minutes.


It has been a tanker accident
in the tunnel. It doesn't burn.


But we have to get up
the local fire truck to the tunnel.


Is Stange on the move? They've got stuff.
We don't have a shit on the west side.


Yes, they do,
but you need on the west side.


- Hall?
- Come on,


- Testing! Do you hear me?
- Yes!


We will hear the tradition faithfully in Vik
sing Christmas in the fifth grade.




According to the contingency plan
Stange has the responsibility.


- It's a damn sight on the top side.
- Then we'll be the first man up.


I think she needs
before you talk to her.


I'm sorry, I'm not getting it.


Yes, you get it.


- You bring it to me.
- It's a pure ride.


- Christian.
- He chased you. Take it.


- No, forget it.
- Stop!


- Stone.
- You're not giving up.


The Relief Corps needs you.
A tanker truck has crashed in the tunnel.


- A new message.
- Hi, Elise, it's Dad.


I don't decide, we do.
I'm out now and going in.


Hi there.


I have no cover.


- It must be an accident.
- Can't we just go out?


- Hi dad.
- Hello.


- Aren't you Christmas?
- I called him.


We need the best on the job now.


We're gonna get the fire truck up
to the tunnel.


I've talked to the police
and they have at least an hour there.


We do it ourselves.


Have you talked to the fire department
in Stange? Are they informed?


The traffic center called me,
so I do as they say.


Ivar! It sounds like a rescue effort
and I have commanded her now.


Stein, you drive the leader car.


- Where's the rest of your crew?
- Just working.


If it gets serious up there
So I need you.


Get dressed.


Whether it should be a column
then it blows wide.


After all, the distance was up
when we drove up.


- Sara says she's in charge.
- Damn shit.


If you don't stop, I'll throw you out,
so you go all the way to grandma!


You can't, Mom!


- Aren't we just gonna do that?
- No.


- Do we have power?
- We have plenty of power.


Mia. Mia.


Amen, my God!


Damn, it's small!


- Where's the tanker?
- Right, I think. On the west side.


- What is it?
- A fire extinguisher was just taken down.


- On the west side? Does that mean?
- No.


Fire ventilation is started
when someone takes down a fire extinguisher.


- The sensors show if it is burning.
- Okay. It doesn't burn.


But I want to know
exactly the tanker was big.


Yes? That's right.


Come on, Tom.


The fire ventilation was just started.


- How far from Stange fire station?
- I'll check. Hang on.


A guy had to help someone who had
off the road. Here we go.


I will fix it. Yes.
Yes, that's true.


- I want brown Christmas!
- Now it's all red.


Which expert did you talk to?
Pest Control?


Okay. How many silverfish
have you found? 3-4 pieces or?




But do you know what we're doing now? Damn!


- I want brown Christmas!
- Now Joseph is going to drink that hard liquor.


Then God doesn't want to hear about it anymore
jullsk. Do you understand? It will be fine.




- They seem to struggle.
- It's a vintage car card.


Christian? Have you heard more
from the traffic control center?


No, not yet.


Back as firefighter again.
Why did you end up with it?


I promised Mona
to take care of Elise.


- They can't do it. They had to go out.
- I'll tell them.


No, no, no filmmaking.
You have to drive out. Run out.


Don't film. Nine must-haves are
in your cars and drive out loud.


Girls, nothing filmmaking.
Get into your cars.


- Everyone in the bus!
- It doesn't sound good.


- What was it for audio?
- Get in the bus, everyone. Come on!


Stay in your places.




- Hall? Do you hear me?
- Why don't you ride the bus?


- I can't get in here.
- Back then, right now.


- You must expect it.
- Listen to her! She's right!


- Just kill it!
- We all die if we stop.


Is anyone here?
It's burning in the tunnel.


What is it?


- Is it all right?
- Yes, the rash on several sensors.


- The tanker?
- Probably. But I do not know.


Wait a bit.


We have multiple sensors
in the tunnel, both east and west.


- So it's burning now?
- Undoubtedly.


Alarm rescue and air alarms
ambulance. How high is the tunnel?


950 meters above sea level.


Stange fire truck is not coming
on the east side.


- What's going on?
- They're not coming up on the top.


The press is calling and calling.
What should I say?


- Traffic center west.
- We're in the middle of the Storfjellet tunnel ...


What did they say?


It's burning in a car longer in.
It's quiet.


Let's just go for recycling
and then we come out here.


Is it dangerous?


No, that's good.
That's good. It's going so well.


Mom, look.


Oh my God!


- Shut the door!
- He's passionate, we have to ...


Just wait.


- What are we doing now?
- Do not know.


Out! Everyone out of the car - now!


Out! Get with mom!
Go to Mom, Go to Mom.


- Mom!
- I've got you.


- Dad, Dad.
- David!




- Did you get the one I got?
- Yes.


- Have any of them seen Elise?
- Yeah, I saw her in the swimming pool.


- Okay.
- There is total chaos in the tunnel now.


Have you seen it here?
It is total chaos.


Thousand thanks.


- Hall? Stein? Where are you?
- We're on our way up to the tunnel.


- It may take a few hours.
- What's going on?


Nobody knows. No one has come up.
You haven't seen Elise?


Can you drive past and just check?


Yes. Yes absolutely.
Be careful, Stein.


- Damn it. What's going on here?
- A tanker truck.


I go and see them.


- What should I do?
- Open the emergency locker.


The crew from Vik
It's on the west side.


- Okay! Crowbar!
- Comes!


- Are there more people in there?
- Do not know. It was horrible.


- There are a lot of people in there.
- You have to come in and help them.


Yes, we should.
- Kurt, take him who is there.


There are a lot of people in the tunnel.
Are the fans?


The fire ventilation is on the west.


Against us?


According to the contingency plan
evacuation will take place from Stange.


- Entry East.
- They have all the equipment.


- Are they in place on the other side?
- There was an avalanche on the other side.


They're working their way through the snow now.


- On this side, is it just us?
- Yes.


- When did it start?
- I'm not getting in touch.


- It never worked out here.
- Get the fans, so we go in.


Come back so we can change plows!


- Are they coming in?
- No, the smoke goes straight towards them.


- We're gonna blow the fans to East.
- But does it burn in the east or in the west?


Oh, no doubt.


He may have entered a maximum of 3 km before
he ran into the wall. Probably less.


But a fire extinguisher was taken down
2 km on the west side.


Where does the smoke come out first?


Out: 12.52, exit East.


12.52 exit East.


- Exit where do you go?
- We don't know, no witnesses.


- The smoke is out there too.
- We don't know where that is.


No one saw the accident, but I'm sure
because it burns 2-3 km into the east.


Those trying to get out to the west
He was caught in the smoke.


300 bar.


They want to know exactly where it is burning
before they turn to the fans.


- It's easy for them to see.
- There are people in there.


You're in control here.
Ivar and I go in and do some searching.


You have 10 minutes in, 10 minutes out.
You take no risks in there.


HRS Rescue 8. We're flying west
about the tunnel in standby position.




Hey, it's Elise.
I can't answer right now.


It's okay.


Bring it here,
so you don't lose the signal.


Okay. We're going in.


Merry Christmas.


- What are you doing?
- Self-help.


- Anyone come and help us?
- No one can drive into the smoke.


We have to get out ourselves.


- David, you must call.
- But nothing works.


But you must do it!
Come on, please.


Damn, there's no covering.


- But fuck it, damn it!
- Stay there.




- Dad!
- Right. Take care of your sister!


- Mom!
- David! David!




- Follow me.
- I can not see anything.


I check the car.


Christian to Stein.
Do you get a rash?


No temperature rise.
The fire is getting longer.


Going a long way eastward.




- What the hell?
- I told you to stop feeding me.


Just breathe calmly.
Okay? We'll go in longer.


- Longer in?
- We need to go in, Ivar.


Yes. No, I can't do it anymore.


Handset off


- Help me!
- Who are you?


- Anatol Kaminski, driver.
- Do you see the fire, Anatol?


I saw the idea explode. Big
explosion. My face melted.


- Where's the fire?
- Tom and I drove a maximum of 2 km.


I can't go anymore.
No air inside.


Listen to me, Anatol.
Find a car and stay there.


Run ac: n on recycling.


Okay, everyone. Listen up.
The fire is now confirmed by a witness.


2 km in front, 7 km in front.


- Are we completely safe?
- Yes. I win the fans now.










My husband is dead!


My husband is dead.
Have you seen two girls?




Do you hear me?
Do you have any problems inside?




Hell. Come out.


Take water.


- Are you okay, Ivar?
- Yeah.


- Water?
- It's okay!


Give him a few minutes.


Do you change tub? It's tough in there,
but no heat.


They've been waiting for the fans
and sends the smoke from us.


- Are the fans at max now?
- Yes, 4 meters a second.


They can go on and on.


- Ivar!
- You don't see a shit in there!


We should have gone with the others.
They're probably out of the tunnel now.


- We're going. Come on.
- It's 4-5 km to walk.


- We quit.
- What the hell do you know about that?


- Let the adults talk.
- I know the tunnel inside and out.


- Dad works here.
- Look at what she has to say.


Father who is in heaven,
Hallowed was your name ...


- Open up, fan.
- Don't open.


Open, fan!


Help me.


Lean back.


- I gotta go out, I gotta go out now!
- You can't go out in that smoke now.




Okay, okay, sir!


I know a room where we can breathe.
Where we can seek protection.


... a traffic accident with a tanker truck
inside the Storefjellet tunnel.


- What kind of fuel is in the tanker?
- I can't comment on that now.


It is the first time imaginable.
People are on their way home for Christmas.


Laila, we're going now. Laila, we're going now.


Are you coming?


- There's a room 100-200 meters away.
- We can't go any further.


- We can wait for help there.
- We gotta get out!


Listen to me! They're down, breathe
through the shirt and just follow me.




Hello Hello.
I'll fix it here. I will fix it.


Yes, I spend all Christmas on it.


The extent and number of people affected
nor can I comment on it.


What are you doing?
What are you up to ?!


Do you understand what is going on?


People are fighting for life.
You and I got away -


- maybe because of an idiot like you.
Don't waste time unlocking your son.


He's alive. You are alive.


... keep your distance. The tunnel is closed
in both directions.


We will return to it when we have
a better picture of what happened. Thanks.


It's burning in the Storfjelltunnel
and a tanker truck is involved.


This is a movie from just before
the fire broke out from someone who came out.


Come on. Respond. Respond.


- Reply.
- Hello.


Stein? Elise is in the tunnel.


She's in the tunnel.


- What the hell in the tunnel?
- I saw a clip on TV.


No one had filmed any inside.
She was standing outside the express bus.


I am one hundred percent looking for
that she was.


She got on the bus to Oslo.




Go to the cave


- What's going on? Are we going in?
- Yes.


Elise is in the tunnel.


- Do you take fire blankets and water?
- How many blankets?


- As many as you can carry. Come on.
- Sure.


- What the hell is he up to?
- Elise.


- Elise is in the tunnel.
- Oh, my God.


Hi. My name is Elise Berge.


We got off the bus
and on the way to a room in the tunnel.


- What room? Stop in the bus.
- A technology room.


The cave is called it. Can you say hello
Stein Berge that we are in the Cave?


The cave? Who is Stein Berge?
Is he a firefighter?


Elise? Hello, when are you there?




- What are you doing, Ivar?
- I put the fans on max.


Calm, calm, calm.


- It's not safe for them to endure it.
- Stein's in there now.


They are made for it. It stays high.
Make a choice, like!


Come back, Stein. Stein!


Come on!


- It's a lot of smoke here!
- Yes, but much more out there.


Now, yes. In a few minutes
so it's just as bad inside.


Oh my God.


It's airy. Hr.


Okay but...


There are more of you who need air.


Stein? Do you hear me?
Come out again!




I continue to the engineering room.
I'm in the middle of the tunnel now.


- Hall?
- Traffic center ...


- Hall? Hello, who is it?
- Can I talk to my mom?


- Mom.
- Hall?


- Hello. Who are you?
- Sara. Don't you find us soon?


Hello Sara. My name is Andrea.
Do you have your parents nearby?


We can't find them.
It's just a lot of smoke.


- We can't breathe!
- We? Who are we, Sara?


- Martine. My little sister.
- Hello. Listen to me now.


You have to find a car
and go into it. Do you understand?


- Sara, is there a car?
- She said we have to find a car.


Yes, any car. Get in
in it and shut the doors directly.


It is easier to breathe in there.
And don't go out.


Do you hear me, Sara?
Don't get out of the car.


Is it long? I can not see anything.


Sara, I know how it is now.
It's totally okay to be scared.


I was also a long time ago,
but it went well.


Just listen to me, okay?
Then it will go well.


Sara? Are you there? Do you hear me?


- Yes.
- We can go to the postman. Dr.


Hall? Martine?


- Who's the "postman"? Sara?
- Martine, wait!




- It's empty.
- Huh?


- It's empty on air.
- Huh?


- No it...
- Yes.


- I'm going now.
- Huh? Where are you going?


Wait, I'm coming along.


- Hall? Hey!
- Wait, I'm coming! Wait!




Shit hell!
If you open the door now ...




What's the plan?


In here!


Do you think anyone will find us here?


Dad's coming.


Have you talked to him?


How does he know where we are?


After all, you left without saying anything.


NRK Day News looks extra
about the fire in the Storfjelltunneln.


That's great smoke development
and the cows are long.


According to several sources
the express bus is in the tunnel.


- Sogndal fire truck is on the way.
- We're ready now.


We must wait
until it is safe to enter.


- Wait? We have to go in now.
- Yeah, we're just waiting for green light.


Stein, do you hear me?
Stein? We're not going in, Stein!


It was your mom who taught me
to swim. Did you know that?


Do you call it swimming?


I call it dog swimming.


Are you a racist or are you?


And you keep a nice memory,
I remember.


Funny and sad.


I never did.


You don't know that until you've tried.


I hope you don't.


Where's Stein?


He has run in.


- Even?
- Yes.


- Did he drive himself?
- Yes.


- Why are they doing nothing?
- We're moving in now.


- No no. You're not going in, Ivar.
- You no longer decide.


I understand you want to go in,
but Sogndal is coming soon.


- Soon? It's too late.
- You're not going in there.


- You don't decide.
- You ...


I just got you, Ivar.


Sogndal wants to talk to you.


Martine! Sara!


Never hear?












- Hello.
- Hey Hey hey.


My girl.


Okay. Breathe in that hair.
S. Breathe. So yeah.


Here! Put it on.






Findings of five survivors
in the engineering room 5 km into the tunnel.


Evacuees out west now.


I hear you, Stein. Elise do?


- Did you find Elise?
- Elise is one of them.


She's alive.


Five survivors found in the tunnel.
Stein Berge, citizen / firefighter -


- is the only operative
in the tunnel now.


- Christian, Relief Corps.
- Hi, it's Andrea on VTS.


Do you have contact
with Stein Berge in the tunnel?


Yes, I have him on the radio.


Come on!


- Stein, right here at the traffic center.
- Stein.


- Stone? Andrea at the traffic center.
- I'm listening.


Do you take out two girls? 8-9 years old?


- Go. - There are no children here.
- Someone called ten minutes ago.


An emergency phone in the tech room.
At the Grotto. Where you found Elise.


I told the girls to go
nearest car. They haven't gone that far.


They are all alone.
Can you do a search?




Sara and Martine.


Sara and Martine.


Into the camper van! in!


- You have to wear the mask.
- It's empty on air.


- Rafa, can you drive a car? This car?
- Yes.


Don't you go out?


Rafa runs out.


I've paved the road.
Just follow the middle line.


- But we can wait for you here.
- No. You...


- You're driving Elise out.
- Okay.


But I can't lose you now.
Please, don't.


There are two girls in here.
I can't go out without researching.




I'm getting out of the car.


You can do it right here. You can do it.


I had to get the masks back.


I need your mask!
I need your mask.


- Give it to me. You will be out soon.
- Dad!




- Can you Drive?
- Yes, yes, yes.




Rafa? Go out the others, okay?


What the hell are you doing ?!


I have to help Dad.


- Take it here.
- Thanks.


I'll teach you to swim properly
when we come out. See you out there!


Now we go!


Sara! Martine!


Hall? Hall?


- It's Stein Berge.
- Have you found Sara and Martine?


I've searched all the cars here.
They aren't here.


Are you looking?
They can't have gone that far.


There are not that many opportunities
right now. I have to get out.


Go to the postman ...


Stein! See a mail truck there?
They would go to the postman, they said.


There is no mail car here.
I gotta go. I had to go out.


Wait. Stein.


Bring. See a Bring Car?
A green Bring car?


Stein? Stein? Stein!


Take it!




- Martine? Martine?
- You're not going in!


- Watch her.
- They're not there. They aren't here.


Come, come, come.


Is it okay?


I told them to stand there.
I told them to stop.


They do everything they can to find them.
Okay? They look.


I told them to stop.


Have you seen my girls?


Sleep, Mia, calm down! Get rid of him!


- Look here.
- I've lost my kids.


We'll find your children.


Where's Elise?


Stein walked in
to find two girls.


Elise went after him.


She went after?


Sara! Martine!




Light the door. Come on.


Come on!


Hi. Are you Sara?
Are you okay? Look here.


We need oxygen.


I've lost my kids.


Oh my God.




Okay. Come on.


Come, come, come, come.


Come on.


At a press conference just said
Transport Minister Reidar Viksen ...


What's going on?


We're just waiting.


Jump in.


Hi, Mona.




- Go with mom.
- No, Mom's not here anymore.


It's just me and you.
Mom's dead.


- You have to take the girls out.
- Dad ...


- Go.
- No, come on.


You can do it.


- Go.
- Dad, come on. Dad, come on.




Hall? Snlla.


There are two little girls here.


Fire and rescue on the road.


Many people think the road should have
closed today because of the storm.


- Is there anything out there?
- Elise, do you hear me? Where are you?


Dad's in here!


Ivar! - Elise, it's Ingrid.
Do not stay there for years. We are coming in now!


Stop, stop, stop, stop!






Elise, we're coming now.


Strange fire truck right.
We're getting through the avalanche on the chair.


We are at the entrance first
in about ten minutes.




Look. I broke your record.


You thought you could beat me.




Elise, press twice
if you hear me!


I can not see anything.


Look at the road.


Oh my God. Shit.


Stay here.
Whistle and blink every minute.


- Ivar, I'm going along.
- You work for me.


So you do as I say.
You're staying here with Ingrid, okay?


- What the hell are you doing?
- I'm not working for you!












Move is, move is.


Stein? Stein? Stein? Do you hear me?


Ivar, the mask. Ivar! He breathes.


- That's good.
- Mom.


We had to get out!


Take a look, take a look!




Get away! Hey!




No! No!








- Stone!
- Dad?


Stein? Okay. Okay.


Lift him.


Are you okay?
Okay. Up here.


Where was Ivar?


Ivar ...? Ivar?


- Dad.
- Ivar?


Dad, come on.


- Dad, come on!
- Stein, we have to get out now!


Come on now!


The road is there even if you don't see it.


Keep focus and smooth speed.
Otherwise, you get stuck.


No one is calling anymore.


- I was so scared.
- It's fine with us.


- We're not inside the tunnel.
- It's on the news all the time.


We didn't come that far. I dared
Don't drive over the mountain in the storm.


No one lights his lamp
and puts its door on it.


All the hearts and doors of us
Bethlehem is holding tight.


There is someone who wants to talk to you.


- Stone.
- Hi, Stein. Did you get the girls out?


Wait a bit.




It is someone who is very happy
want to talk to you.


Sara, is that you?


Yes, it was good to hear. Yes Yes.


Come on.


Dad. Come on.


Text : Thomas Jansson
( Scandinavian Text Service )


Responsible publisher : Anders Melin


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