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The Light Shines Only There English Subtitles

 The Light Shines Only There

Movie Info:

Released: 19 Apr 2014
Runtime: 120 min
Genre: Drama
Director: Mipo Oh
Actors: Gô Ayano, Chizuru Ikewaki, Masaki Suda, Kazuya Takahashi
Country: Japan
Rating: 6.8


Two troubled souls living on the fringes of a port town fall in love, but their trials are far from over.

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1 00:02:02,030 --> 00:02:04,120 {\i1}To Mr. Tatsuo Sato{\i0} 2 00:02:04,700 --> 00:02:06,870 {\i1}From Kayo Suzuki{\i0} 3 00:02:21,340 --> 00:02:27,890 {\i1}Dear brother, you don't think about the grave because you are on your own.{\i0} 4 00:02:29,520 --> 00:02:33,190 {\i1}If you had your own child,{\i0} 5 00:02:33,440 --> 00:02:38,400 {\i1}You would know how much our parents cared for us.{\i0} 6 00:02:40,200 --> 00:02:44,200 {\i1}I don't know your plan.{\i0} 7 00:02:44,870 --> 00:02:49,120 {\i1}But think of me, I'm still safe keeping the ashes...{\i0} 8 00:02:52,420 --> 00:02:58,510 {\i1}New graveyard has been built on the hill.{\i0} 9 00:02:59,050 --> 00:03:02,930 {\i1}I want to buy a plot there.{\i0} 10