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The Lady Doctor (Totò, Vittorio e la dottoressa) English Subtitles

 The Lady Doctor (Totò, Vittorio e la dottoressa)

Movie Info:

Released: 16 Jul 1958
Runtime: 104 min
Genre: Comedy
Director: Camillo Mastrocinque
Actors: Totò, Abbe Lane, Vittorio De Sica
Country: Italy, France, Spain
Rating: 5.8


The fake private detective Mike Spillone is hired by two old ladies to find out if Brigitte, the wife of their nephew Otello Bellomo, has a lover. Brigitte is a physician but the two aunts are unaware of the fact. While investigating

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Extracted from source. Fixed OCR and removed SDH/HI. Fixed French audio segments to French text (in italics). Gibberish in italics. Fixed some translation errors (but not all as the embeded srt seems to be translated with Google Translate). 
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1 00:00:44,400 --> 00:00:48,598 With Professor Vagoni's report, we close the session. 2 00:00:48,600 --> 00:00:52,355 The work of the congress will resume tomorrow. 3 00:00:54,560 --> 00:00:59,031 Your attention, please 4 00:01:08,440 --> 00:01:11,114 - Congratulations. - Thank you. 5 00:01:11,120 --> 00:01:15,000 - Can I shake your hand? - Othello, thank you. 6 00:01:15,000 --> 00:01:20,359 Brigitte, this is the lawyer Bellomo, your father was my colleague. 7 00:01:20,360 --> 00:01:22,829 He is called Othello, but he is a good guy. 8 00:01:22,840 --> 00:01:28,756 Dr. Beker, from Boston, will be my future assistant. 9