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Majo no Tabitabi (The Journey of Elaina) English Subtitles

 Majo no Tabitabi (The Journey of Elaina)

Series Info:

Released: 02 Oct 2020
Runtime: N/A
Genre: Animation
Director: N/A
Actors: Kana Hanazawa
Country: Japan
Rating: N/A


The anime centers on a girl named Elaina. When she was a kid, she loved reading books. And among all the books she read, there was a series called 'Niike's Adventure', which was her ...

Oct 17, 2020 12:36:34 leen chan English 24

Release Name:

[Erai-raws] Majo no Tabitabi - 02 [720p]

Release Info: 
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[Script Info] Title: Erai-raws ScriptType: v4.00+ WrapStyle: 0 PlayResX: 1280 PlayResY: 720 [V4+ Styles] Format: Name, Fontname, Fontsize, PrimaryColour, SecondaryColour, OutlineColour, BackColour, Bold, Italic, Underline, StrikeOut, ScaleX, ScaleY, Spacing, Angle, BorderStyle, Outline, Shadow, Alignment, MarginL, MarginR, MarginV, Encoding Style: Default,Open Sans Semibold,45,&H00FFFFFF,&H000000FF,&H00020713,&H00000000,-1,0,0,0,100,100,0,0,1,1.7,0,2,10,10,25,1 [Events] Format: Layer, Start, End, Style, Name, MarginL, MarginR, MarginV, Effect, Text Dialogue: 0,0:00:12.04,0:00:16.08,Default,,0,0,0,,In this world, there are many mages. Dialogue: 0,0:00:16.08,0:00:18.70,Default,,0,0,0,,Even if they are all called mages, Dialogue: 0,0:00:18.70,0:00:23.37,Default,,0,0,0,,there are the novices who\Ncan only do simple magic, Dialogue: 0,0:00:23.37,0:00:24.74,Default,,0,0,0,,the apprentice witches, Dialogue: 0,0:00:24.74,0:00:29.29,Default,,0,0,0,,and the full witches, who are at the top. Dialogue: 0,0:00:29.29,0:00:32.66,Default,,0,0,0,,Who is the beautiful girl wearing\Na brooch that signals her status as a witch, Dialogue: 0,0:00:32.66,0:00:37.83,Default,,0,0,0,,whose ashen hair flutters in the wind,\Nshining so much with beauty and talent Dialogue: 0,0:00:37.83,0:00:43.99,Default,,0,0,0,,that even the sun's eyes squint involuntarily? Dialogue: 0,0:00:43.99,0:00:46.79,Default,,0,0,0,,That's right, it's me. Dialogue: 0,0:02:23.53,0:02:27.99,Default,,0,0,0,,{\fad(800,0)\bord0.2\pos(828,410)\frz18.13\fnOpen Sans\b0\c&H1A1F22&\3c&H1A1F22&}The Land of Mages Dialogue: 0,0:02:33.41,0:02:36.37,Default,,0,0,0,,Welcome to the Land of Mages. Dialogue: 0,0:02:36.37,0:02:39.24,Default,,0,0,0,,Please, come in, Madam Witch. Dialogue: 0,0:02:39.24,0:02:41.45,Default,,0,0,0,,You don't need to check anything? Dialogue: 0,0:02:41.45,0:02:46.33,Default,,0,0,0,,No, since only mages can\Nget here in the first place, Dialogue: 0,0:02:46.33,0:02:50.74,Default,,0,0,0,,and that brooch is proof that\Nyou're a witch, Madam Ashen Witch. Dialogue: 0,0:02:50.74,0:02:53.87,Default,,0,0,0,,I see. Thank you. Dialogue: 0,0:02:55.24,0:03:00.66,Default,,0,0,0,,As you might guess from the name,\Nonly mages can enter the Land of Mages, Dialogue: 0,0:03:00.66,0:03:03.87,Default,,0,0,0,,so I heard that witches, as the highest\Nranking mages, are especially respected Dialogue: 0,0:03:03.87,0:03:09.79,Default,,0,0,0,,and are looked upon with\Nenvious gazes and fawned over. Dialogue: 0,0:03:09.79,0:03:14.41,Default,,0,0,0,,I've been looking forward\Nto visiting this country. Dialogue: 0,0:03:18.58,0:03:23.24,Default,,0,0,0,,Flying in the sky is recommended, it looks like? Dialogue: 0,0:03:30.12,0:03:33.54,Default,,0,0,0,,It's a very elegant city. Dialogue: 0,0:03:33.54,0:03:36.95,Default,,0,0,0,,Now, first, I'll look for a place to-- Dialogue: 0,0:03:34.87,0:03:39.62,Default,,0,0,0,,{\an8}No...! Dialogue: 0,0:03:51.70,0:03:54.62,Default,,0,0,0,,Ow... Dialogue: 0,0:03:54.62,0:03:56.70,Default,,0,0,0,,What's with this girl?