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The History of Time Travel English Subtitles

 The History of Time Travel

Movie Info:

Released: 25 Oct 2014
Runtime: 72 min
Genre: Documentary, Drama, History, Sci-Fi
Director: Ricky Kennedy
Actors: Stephen Adami, Krista Ales, Valerie Black, Ryan Blackburn
Country: USA
Rating: 6.8


A fictional documentary about the creation of the worlds first time machine, the men who created it, and the unintended ramifications it has on world events.

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1:11:10 runtime.  Fixed up the subs that come with the YTS.MX release: Over 400 long lines broken up, and a couple of typos fixed.  Spell-checked. 
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1 00:00:19,880 --> 00:00:24,780 You're watching, History Television. 2 00:00:51,640 --> 00:00:59,400 In 1895 writer H.G. Wells published his science fiction masterpiece "The Time Machine." 3 00:01:01,080 --> 00:01:07,696 This novel would be one in a long line of literature, motion pictures, and television shows 4 00:01:07,720 --> 00:01:14,380 depicting man breaking the laws of time and space to travel beyond his present existence. 5 00:01:14,980 --> 00:01:20,812 One of the great struggles, if not the greatest struggle, has been man versus time. 6 00:01:20,836 --> 00:01:22,960 I mean, we always want more. 7 00:01:23,980 --> 00:01:31,260 We are prisoners to time. Mankind has always been fascinated with the idea of escaping from it. 8 00:01:31,680 --> 00:01:38,223 To be able to go back in time and fix a mistake or change