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The Good Detective (Model Detective / Mobeomhyeongsa / 모범형사) Italian Subtitles

 The Good Detective (Model Detective / Mobeomhyeongsa / 모범형사)
Oct 12, 2021 23:44:26 Frensy82 Italian 6

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The.Good.Detective.E08 ITA

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Ep.8 Ita. tradotto e interpretato da me. Per le Raw potete trovarle sul mio blog 
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This watch belonged to my father.
I grew up in my uncle's house\Nafter my father passed away.
And my uncle held on to this watch.
It's me, your uncle.
What did you need?
You remember the watch that\Nyour father left, right?
Did you really take it when\Nyou were in high school?
Jong-tae told me that you\Nstole it from my study.
Are you saying that Jong-tae lied to me?
All right. Good bye.
It was the first call I received in 10 years\Nfrom my uncle since I left the house.
November 6th, 2015. Four days after\NYoon Ji-sun's body was found.
That's when this call was recorded.
Don't the people say that\Nthe coffee tastes better?
I think it got a lot smoother.
And the scent lingers longer too.
Please tell your colleague thank\Nyou and that our sales went up.
Mention my name if he says\Nhe's going to raise the price.
Mr. Kim only got this big because\NI watched his back for him.
If it weren't for me, he'd still\Nbe selling rotten meat illegally.
I think about it every day.
How would Hyun-joo and I get through\Nlife if you weren't here...
I feel the same way.
Life would've been very difficult for\Nme if you and Hyun-joo weren't here.
Detective Kang came by earlier.
The watch that you told me\Nto put up for auction...
Where did you get it from?
- Is that what Kang Do-Chang asked?\N- Tell me the truth.
Did you tell him that\Nyou got it from me?
I'm not going to send Hyun-joo to\Nstudy abroad with that kind of money.
Imagine she finds out later...
I'm going to tell her\Nto just study here.
I said, did you tell him?
Did you tell Kang Do-Chang?
Do you know why\NI chose a woman with a kid?
It's because of Jin-su.
Because I felt bad.
Because I felt so bad for him.
She told Kang Do-Chang about it.
She says she's going\Nto testify in court too.
Move within the region of my\Njurisdiction if you can.
That will make it easier\Nto do the clean up.
The watch that you\Nbought at the auction.
Did you really pay $800,000\Nwith your own money for it?
Then you should've\Npaid for these noodles too!
The rich are the stingiest.
Do you think she'll really testify?
She'll have to give up\Non a lot of things.
She's a good person.
I know that much.
A hot Americano please.
Will you be dining in?
Captain Woo.
Yes, sir.
I think of you as part of my family.
The same goes for rest of you guys.
We're a family because we risk\Nour lives to protect each other.
But if someone is holding up\Na knife against the family,
that means he is a traitor.
I'm sure you know who I'm referring to.
You do what you need to do.
I heard the chief called for the team.\NWhat did you talk...
You bastards.
Didn't you hear what the chief said?
Did you not hear him say\Nthat he will make us chase
after dogs if we don't catch\None suspect every day?
You're so...
- Do-Chang.\N- Yes?
We need to talk.
- What are we going to do?\N- What do you think?
We need to follow the superior's orders.
You guys have cases stashed away, right?\NGive them up.
Or we can just sleep on the road\Nfor the next couple of days.
We have some.
We do.
Let's just end it here.
Don't worry about anyone else.\NLet's just worry about you.
You need the promotion!
Do you know the first thing I did\Nwhen I stepped into the real world
after playing sports in high school\Nand not getting into a college?
I joined a gang and worked under\Nthem while eating dog food.
And the first day I went out to do\Nmy work, the cops came for us.
I ran for my life.
Actually, I rolled.
I got caught and fell.
The cop asked me, "How old are you?"
And I told him, "I'm 19."
Then the cop smiled and said,\N"Come back after you lose some weight."
He turned around to go, and\Nthere was a glow around him.
He looked so cool.
Why are you telling me this--
So I lost weight and became a detective.\NI got won over by that image.
Bong-sik, I want to be\Na detective who looks
cool from the back even\Nif I have to leave.
You got assigned to a new position!
When do we rotate?
We can rotate when I come back at 6 PM.
And you can report back by 8AM tomorrow.
It's Oh Jong-tae, right?
Oh Jong-tae.
It was in the article.
Mr. Oh, a business man.
That's Oh Jong-tae.
Wow, Oh Jong-tae had his hands on\NYoo Jung-ryul and Yoo Jung-suk.
It all makes sense now.
What's this new evidence\Nthat you said you'd give me?
Oh Jong-tae is the real killer, right?
I said, what's the evidence?
Hang in there.
You'll hear about it soon.
You'll get to win some\Npoints from your boss.
Isn't this Jo Yong-Han,\Nthe house gambler?
I thought you said you lost him.
That was because--
He said the anniversary of his\Nfather's passing was the next day.
His father runs a dumpling\Nrestaurant in Songdo!
I had dumplings day a few days ago too!
What are you talking about?
You went to the same\Nschool with him, right?
We know you two drink at\Nhostess bars together.
You're in no position to give a lecture.
Be quiet.
I'm so disappointed in you.
Why? What did I do?
You weren't arresting suspects\Nthat you could've arrested.
Come on, you can't\Ninterpret it like that.
These guys are what you call...
- Emergency stash.\N- Right. Emergency stash.
Let's go.
We're going straight\Nto the station, right?
- Why would we go there?\N- What?
How did it go?
It's not for me.
I'm about to get blisters on my butt.
That's too bad.
We have a lot of things to\Ninvestigate before the second trial.
Who the hell are these dregs?
Thanks guys.
No need to thank us.
We're in this together.\NThe chief is another story.
Will you be able to do it\Nwithout the chief catching on?
We should be okay since we have 3\Ndays worth of emergency stash.
We can take one at\Na time to the station.
He adapts fast.
You were born to be in violent crimes.
The van is unlocked, right?
Are you thinking of going there alone?\NDong-wook, you go with her.
She can go by herself.
Send them in here if they\Nneed to use the bathroom.
You shouldn't send your sister\Nthere by herself. It's dangerous.
The poop colored one over there is mine.
The gold and silver ones\Nare all my sister's.
- Eun-hee got these?\N- Don't touch them.
I have not been in the best mood lately.
I will kill you if you try anything.
What's this?
Prosecutor Jung.
Please use your power this once.
Please talk to the auditor for me.
I don't have much power.
Don't you remember Lee Dae-chul's\Ncase from 5 years ago?
I would've let Lee Dae-chul go\Nif you hadn't ordered me not to.
Hey, Mr. Moon,\Nwhat are you talking about?
You're the one who said we\Nshould bury that evidence.
Why are you bringing that up now?\NWhat is Wong with you?
Okay, fine. Just make sure\Nyou keep your mouth shut.
You're the one who said we\Nshould bury that evidence.
Why are you bringing that up now?\NWhat is Wong with you?
Okay, fine. Just make sure\Nyou keep your mouth shut.
I will delete the memory of\Nwhat happened starting today.
We'll win the retrial\Nif we release this.
You'll win?
You'll win if Lee Dae-chul\Nis found innocent?
No, not really.
But it's a definitive proof.
These two,
Moon Sang-bum, the head detective who\Nwas in charge of the investigation,
and Jung Sang-ryul, the prosecutor\Nwho was in charge of the
case back then and who is in\Ncharge of the retrial now.
The police and prosecutions created the\Ncase for Lee Dae-chul 5 years ago.
Where did you get the audio file from?
I can't...
Do you need to hide the\Nsource from the editor too?
It's Kim Gi-tae, the\Nformer Attorney General.
Write the article.
Let's release it tomorrow.
But don't tell anyone before\Nthe article gets published.
It has to be an exclusive from us.
Don't leak the audio file\Nto anyone else.
Yes, sir.
Director, it's me, Yoo Jung-suk.
There's something you need\Nto take care of right away.
Catching the real killer\Nisn't our priority right now.
We first need to find\Nevidence that the police
manipulated the evidence\Nto frame Lee Dae-chul.
The biggest reason that Lee Dae-chul became\Nthe suspect for Yoon Ji-sun's murder was
because they found Yoon Ji-sun's\Nhair in his delivery truck.
Please check the\Ntruck's route and the times.
So the route is as you said before...
We have a witness who\Ncan testify that a deal
was made between the real\Nkiller and the police.
We need to make sure she's\Nprotected until the trial.
This man...
Isn't this the guy who killed someone?
Yes, that's right.
All the residents were scared back then.
They put up CCTV cameras at\Nthe entrance because of him.
You really can't tell\Na book by its cover.
I felt bad for him that he needed\Nto take his daughter in his truck.
He took his daughter in his truck?
Yes, she was in middle school.
Her school was nearby.
I heard he picked her up\Nafter her school was over.
When are we going to eat?
I'm hungry!
Why are you standing outside? It's cold.
Do you remember the man that you saw?
Try to remember carefully.
You're the only one who saw him.
I don't remember.
Eun-hye, you have to remember his face.
That's the only way we can\Nset your father free.
You have to remember his face.
That's the only way we can make sure\Nyour father didn't die in vain.
Please try to remember it.
The outcome of today's\Ntrial depends on you.
Bro, it's almost time.
We should go.
You have to remember it.
Boss, where are you right now?
What happened?
Why was my article not published?
Why would you do this?
You told me last night\Nto write the article!
It was decided during the\Nediting meeting yesterday.
Was it before I sent\Nthe article to you or after?
It was already decided before\NI sent it to you, huh?
You had no intention of releasing\Nthe article to begin with, huh?
You said we write for\Nthose who have no power.
When my father had no power,
and nobody would listen to him...
That's what you said to me when you\Nwrote the article about my father.
So why...
Why would you do this?
Do you think I wrote that article\Nbecause your father had no power?
It's because the group\Nthat your father belonged
to was weak enough for\Nme to go against.
But this is different.
It's the police and the prosecution.
They'll cut off their tails if\Nthe audio file gets released.
But they won't forgive the\None who went against them.
That's how they live.
You think that's enough to let\NLee Dae-chul win the retrial?
The police and prosecution will\Ntry even harder to kill him.
Not just Lee Dae-chul, but\Neveryone who stood on his side.
They'll do whatever they can to throw\Nthem to the dumps of this society.
That includes you too.
What if I want to take on those risks\Nand reveal the truth no matter what?
How will you do that?
You have nowhere\Nto publish your article.
Just forget that you heard it.
That's how you can protect yourself.
If I keep my mouth shut,
it will burden me\Nfor the rest of my life.
I take on that burden too.
You're not the only one who\Nis keeping their mouth shut.
I met with the director in the morning.
We were talking about\Na couple of things,
and I mentioned you to the director.
I told him we got a pretty\Ndecent addition to our team.
I told him to remember\Nthe name Yoon Sang-mi.
Thank you.
But why...
The director is paying attention\Nto Lee Dae-chul's case.
I heard you were on the team\Nthat was in charge of the case.
Yes, that's right.
Can you tell me what happened back then?
Don't leave anything out. Tell me\Nthe truth about what happened.
This will be a good opportunity for you\Nto get on the director's good side.
What's taking so long?
Ms. Jung!
Get out the car!
Ms. Jung!
Get out the car!
Ms. Jung was in that car, right?
The witness isn't here yet.
You can't reach her?
I think you need to come up with plan B.
Excuse me.
It's him. Check if she's inside.
That's the one Detective Oh arrested--
Ms. Jung?
Ms. Jung, are you in there?
Ms. Jung!
Let's just talk!
Damn it!
Yeah, let's not tire each other out.
You're dead.
Hey, come here.
How embarrassing...
What happened? Did you find them?
Yes, we did, but...
I think they switched her\Nfor someone else. She's not here.
Look for her again.
You have to make sure\Nshe doesn't get hurt.
Got it?
Ms. Jung.
Are you all right?
Did something happen to you?
I don't think I'll be\Nable to come to court.
You don't have to.
You don't need to come.
So you're okay?
Nothing happened to you, right?
I'm sorry I couldn't keep my promise.
I hope you understand.
I don't care what happens to me,
but Hyun-joo...
I think it would put\NHyun-joo in danger too.
I'm really sorry, Detective Kang.
It's all right.
As long as you're okay.
I asked for too big of a favor.
I won't ask you again so just\Nplease make sure you are okay.
That's all I want.
Good bye.
You can come back\Nwhen the retrial is over.
I was supposed to die, huh?
Go board your plane.
I won't be able to\Nprotect you if you don't.
I will...
I will...
Get you no matter what.
You bastards...
You remember this watch, right?
- How do you know this watch?\N- I saw it at Ji-sun's studio.
I found it after someone\Nleft it in the bathroom.
To whom did Ms. Yoon say\Nthe watch belonged to?
Oh Jong-tae.
On the morning of November 3rd, 2015,\Nthe day when the body was found,
Oh Jong-tae was caught driving under the\Ninfluence on Bakeho road in Incheon.
He was moved to the station\Nfor an investigation.
It's proof that the\NCCTV footage showing
Oh Jong-tae at a hotel in\NBusan was fabricated.
The place where he was\Nstopped for a DUI was
13km away from where Ms.\NYoon's body was found.
It was about 10 minutes away by car.
At the time, the police gave him another\Nticket for crossing over the center line.
You've crossed the center line.
Your license please.
Oh Jong-tae had tried to go back to\Nthe site where the body was disposed.
The reason Oh Jong-tae had tried to go\Nback to the site was because of this watch.
He had realized that he had\Ndropped his watch at the site.
So was that watch\Nfound at the crime scene?
Yes your honor, I'm sure it was.
But someone stole this watch!
The person finds out that the watch belonged\Nto Oh Jong-tae and makes a deal with him.
How does this prove that the\Nwatch belonged to Oh Jong-tae?
This watch is one of the only two luxury\Nbrand watches that exist in Korea.
There's only one place in Korea\Nthat can repair this watch.
You can find out who this watch belonged\Nto if you visit the repair shop.
I'm sure the person who found this watch at\Nthe crime scene also had the same thought.
Who checked for that\Ninformation at the time?
It was Detective Nam Gook-hyun from Incheon's\Nwest division's violent crimes team.
Your honor!
Go ahead.
Do you have a witness or evidence that will\Nprove that Detective Nam had the watch?
We don't have one yet.
So you're saying we can only base it on\Nthe repair man's memory from 5 years ago.
How old is the repair man?
He's 75 years old.
That's all.
The biggest evidence that got the\Ndefendant arrested for Yoon Ji-sun's murder
was the victim's hair that was found\Nin the defendant's delivery truck.
The hair was found 5 days\Nafter the body was found.
But we've confirmed with the\Ndelivery company that the
defendant's truck was cleaned 3\Ndays after the body was found.
So that means the hair remained inside\Nthe truck even after the cleaning.
But the cleaning\Nincludes water cleaning.
Why do you think the hair was the only thing\Nthat didn't get swept away by the water?
You said you rode in your father's\Ntruck after your school ended, right?
You said you heard someone\Nopen and close the back of the
truck while your father was\Nmaking a delivery, right?
And you went outside to check because\Nyou thought it was your father.
But it wasn't your father.\NIs that correct?
Do you remember that man's face?
I remember that he was\Nwearing a hat and jeans.
It would be difficult to remember\Nsomeone that you saw for a
brief moment 5 years ago when\Nyou were just a 7th grader.
However, if you were\Nto see that man again,
you'd remember him.
You're the detective who's in charge\Nof Yoon Ji-sun's murder case, right?
Did you find who the killer is?
I'm sorry, we don't have anything yet.
This is a news footage of Detective Nam\Nwho was in charge of the case back then.
He's wearing a hat and jeans.
If this is the man who had opened and\Nclosed the back of the delivery truck,
that means the evidence was set up.
Do you remember him?
Try to remember it. It's him, right?
Turn your head to the left\Nso it shows your face.
Ji-hyuk, please.
That's the man who\Nstabbed your dad, right?
It must be him.
Just say that it's him.
You just can't remember because\Nyou were in shock at the time.
It's him! Please say that it's him!
You remember, right?
Is that him?
Your honor.
Mr. Soh, don't force\Nthe witness to answer.
I'm not sure.
I can't remember. I'm sorry...
It's okay.
I messed up, huh?
I should've just said\Nthat it was him, huh?
You're not supposed to lie in court.
Today's trial went pretty well.
It will be okay.
Do you think that's enough for\NLee Dae-chul to win the retrial?
The police and prosecution will\Ntry even harder to kill him.
Not just Lee Dae-chul, but\Neveryone who was on his side.
They'll throw them to\Nthe dumps of this society.
Are you able to understand\Nwhat Kang Do-Chang is doing?
Who will report crimes to the police\Nif Lee Dae-chul's ruling gets flipped?
So why would someone who has been\Nan officer for 18 years do this?
I don't get it.
How can I help you, Prosecutor?
Didn't the director tell you?
I just heard that I\Nshould meet with you.
The director called me\Nand gave me a heads up.
He said you'll be considered\Nfor a special promotion soon.
For protecting the police's honor.
I should've called to\Nsay congratulations.
But I'm restricted on how\Nmany calls I can make.
Please tell your father that\NI'm sincerely happy for him.
You sent a file to Ms. Jin, right?
What file?
What is it that you want?
What do you mean?
Just getting out of here I guess.
That's the only thing.
- So that's it?\N- But I'm not getting my hopes up.
I'm not on the best terms with\Nthe new Attorney General.
You know that your brother\Ndoesn't like me.
You've opened a Pandora's box.
I'm going to close that box.
So that hope stays in there.
But I will prepare\Nsome space for breathing.
So it stays alive.
You were just a little rascal who didn't\Nknow anything when you were little.
But now you know how the world works.
You know how to use the\Ncarrot and stick approach.
It's an emergency.
Detective Oh.
You accept bribery a lot, huh?
I don't think so.
How can you keep paying for drinks\Nlike this with a detective's salary?
I bet you accept a lot of crap money.
That's a poor choice\Nof words for a reporter.
What did the lawyer say?
- Does he think we'll win this case?\N- Yes.
Well, the prosecutor is an idiot\Nso he might do something crazy.
But we're not going to win.
Lee Dae-chul and his daughter\Nare both too nice.
They need to be less nice. How the hell\Nare they going to win this case like that?
Not all nice people lose.
Detective Kang will\Ntestify at the next trial.
Then we'll have a chance at winning.
Who do you think we're up against?
Prosecutor Jung?
Captain Nam?
Or Oh Jong-tae?
Did you get some new evidence?
Then why would you ask me that?
Don't all people care about\Ntheir own lives the most?
Do you like being a detective?
Then you should thank me.
You should thank me for letting\Nyou keep your job. Come on.
Come on.
I like being a reporter too.
I want to keep my job as a reporter too.
So just say thank you.
Come on.
I need to know why I should thank you.
You'll end up bowing\Nto me and thanking me.
I'm sure.
I do care about my life.
But there are also times when other\Npeople's lives decide the fate of my life.
Try to remember it carefully.
You're the only one who saw him.
You remember, right? Is that him?
I can't remember. I'm sorry...
It's okay.
Mr. Lee.
Yes, sir.
You think this is unfair, huh?
You killed Yoon Ji-sun, right?\NJust admit it.
I didn't kill her.
Then what about Detective Jang?
Of course not. I didn't kill\NYoon Ji-sun, so why would I...
Why would I kill the detective?
You do have a reason.
Excuse me?
A detective kept saying that you\Nkilled someone that you didn't kill.
So you could've gotten mad\Nand killed him.
Think about it.
Accidental murder doesn't\Nget a maximum sentence.
By the way, a trial always\Nresults in a winner and loser.
But sometimes both sides win.
Please come on in.
I'll see you in court.
What are you doing here?
You see...
Detective Kang wasn't feeling well.\NSo I took his spot.
Where is Kang Do-Chang right now?
You can fire me.
You can fire me if you want, chief.
No, you're the one who's wrong.
I'm doing the right thing.
I'm the one who's doing the right thing.
You're the one who's ruining\Nthe police's reputation.
You piece of trash!
Don't quit your job.
Don't worry.
I can still provide\Nfor you even if I quit.
Being a detective is the only\Nthing you know how to do.
Think about it carefully.
What else do you have left if\Nyou lose your detective title?
I'm Detective Kang Do-Chang from Incheon's\Nwest division's violent crimes team 2.
How do you know the defendant?
My colleagues, Detective\NJang and Detective Nam,
were investigating\NYoon Ji-sun's murder.
When Detective Jang was murdered\Nduring the investigation,
I was put in charge of\Nthe case and closed it.
At the time, were you confident\Nthat Lee Dae-chul was the killer?
How about now?
Detective Jang was my\Ncolleague and also my friend.
He was the best detective.
I was so angry that I lost\Nmy rationality at the time.
I had to catch the killer\Nno matter what.
I had to get the\Nconfession no matter what.
I pressured Lee Dae-chul.
I just accepted the evidence that I was\Nhanded over without checking them first.
I was only focused\Non catching the killer.
So you admit that you didn't\Nconduct a proper investigation
because you became irrational\Nover your colleague's death.
Witness, let me ask you again.
Do you still believe that the defendant\Nis the real killer at this moment?
Do you admit that the investigation was\Npoorly conducted and also used coercion?
The defendant was found guilty at\Nthe time because of the evidence.
How would you explain the evidence?
I found a murder weapon\Nthat was suspected to be
used to kill Detective\NJang near the crime scene.
And you found the defendant's\NDNA from that murder weapon?
But we had an incident before we\Nturned it over to the crime lab.
What kind of incident?
We had lost the murder\Nweapon for about one hour.
So that means there was a chance that\Nthe murder weapon was manipulated with.
Why didn't you report this back then?
I hid it because I thought that the mistake\Ncould allow him to be found not guilty.
Who was the person who\Nlost the murder weapon?
It was me.
Nothing further, your honor.
Prosecutor, your witness.
The defendant was sentenced\Nto death at the final trial.
If you had felt guilty about\NLee Dae-chul's sentencing,
shouldn't you have\Nsaid all of this back then?
Why are you saying them now?
At the time, I believed that\NI didn't do anything wrong.
And now I believe that I\Ndid do something wrong.
You have just admitted to\Ncommitting professional negligence.
No one would've found out\Nabout it if you had kept silent.
Why are you saying it even when you\Nknow the consequences that will follow?
What I will receive are just\Ncriticism and punishment.
But it would be a matter of life\Nor death for someone else.
You're so compassionate.
Witness, you were on the\Nsame team as Detective Kang
during Lee Dae-chul's\Ninvestigation 5 years ago, right?
Yes, he was my superior.
So he was your colleague\Nbut also like a mentor.
What was Detective Kang like back then?
He was a very compassionate man\Nas a mentor and as a human being.
He treated not just his colleagues, but\Nalso the suspects, as human beings.
Even if the suspect\Nwas arrested for murder?
Hate the crime, not the criminal.
He would say that all the time.
This trial is about the defendant.
It has nothing to do with\Nthe witness' character.
Detective Kang was in charge\Nof the investigation.
It's not irrelevant.
Prosecutor, please continue.
Detective Kang testified that he had lost\Nthe murder weapon during the investigation.
Is that true?
It is true that the murder\Nweapon went missing.
Is it also true that Kang\NDo-Chang is the one who lost it?
I'm the one who lost it.
Then why do you think Kang\NDo-Chang lied about it?
It was to hide his junior's mistake.
At the time, he went to every person\Nwho knew about me losing the evidence
and asked them to not tell\Nanyone about my mistake.
Detective Kang talked\Nabout the possibility of
evidence manipulation because\Nit had gone missing.
Do you agree with him?
No, I had just forgotten that\NI had put it in my trunk.
There was no possibility of it going\Nmissing because it was in my trunk.
Yoon Sang-mi.
Lee Dae-chul's daughter, Lee\NEun-hye, had gone missing recently.
It was concluded that Lee Eun-hye and\NPark Gun-ho had set the whole thing up.
And that's when Kang Do-Chang met\Nwith Lee Dae-chul's daughter.
She was a runaway\Nworking in the streets.
Kang Do-Chang is a very compassionate man\Nwho would cover for his juniors' mistakes!
And he felt guilty that Lee\NDae-chul's daughter had
ended up like that after he\Nhad arrested his father!
And I'm sure Lee Dae-chul's\Ndaughter pleaded
with him saying that her\Nfather was innocent!
And I'm sure it shook him.
Since he's a detective whose compassionate\Nemotions come first before rationality.
Nothing further, your honor.
Yoon Sang-mi!
Chief Moon is the one who\Nrecovered the murder weapon.
Why are you lying?
You're mistaken.
This is not a place where you can\Nhave a private conversation.
We will be the one who will judge\Nwhether you two have committed perjury.
Think about it carefully.
Accidental murder doesn't\Nget the maximum sentence.
But sometimes both sides win.
Your honor.
Please give me a chance to testify too.
Go ahead.
I didn't kill Yoon Ji-sun.
But I did kill...
Detective Jang Jin-su.
I didn't kill Yoon Ji-sun.
But I did kill...
Detective Jang Jin-su.
He kept trying to frame me for\Nthe murder, so I got upset.
It was really accidental.
How would I kill a detective...
How could I possibly premeditate\Nto kill a detective?
- Your honor.\N- Go ahead.
Didn't you suggest this\Ndeal to me 5 years ago?
You asked me to say that you\Nonly killed Detective Jang.
You said you'd admit to the\Nmurder in court if I did that.
I told you.
That kind of trick will never work.
It would insult the sacred court!
I told you!
They made a final decision, right?\NHow did it go?
It was going to go this way\Nno matter what.
It's not anyone's fault.
It's not anyone's fault...
Ms. Jin.
Good work.
It was a trial we could've won.
I got too greedy at\Nthe end like an idiot.
It's all my fault.
You didn't do anything wrong.
You didn't do anything wrong.
You idiot.
You didn't do anything wrong.
You're innocent.
Detective Kang.
All I wanted was one thing.
I just wanted at least\None person to believe me.
That's all I wanted.
And that goal was exceeded.
But Eun-hye...
Eun-hye knows too.
That's all that matters.
That's all that matters.
I'm sorry.
You're going to walk Eun-hye down the\Naisle when she gets married, right?
I'm sorry.
Hurry up Lee Dae-chul.
Just keep going straight.
You can do it.
Come on. Let's walk together.
Get up.
Get up, Lee Dae-chul.
You can go like a man.
Don't sell it this time.\NJust wear it well.
It will make you look different.
All right then.
We won't be seeing\Neach other again, right?
Of course.
I just have one question.
I know who killed Yoon Ji-sun.
But who killed Detective Jang Jin-su?
Let's go now.
A little bit more.
I'm going to stay a bit more.
I'll wait for you outside.
Stay real low if you don't\Nwant to take off that uniform.
Let me keep my job.\NThere's something I need to do.
We don't have any assigned cases yet?
Look at you guys.
You know Detective Oh, right?\NHe's bothering me.
I have to see something.
I have to see you cry tears of blood.
You look very kind.
Do you know Detective Oh Ji-hyuk?
Did you help Oh Jong-tae?
I have no reason to do that.
Boss already knew about the recording.
Why did you do that? Why?
Admit it. You're wrong and I'm right.
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