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The Doorman English Subtitles

 The Doorman

Movie Info:

Released: 09 Oct 2020
Runtime: N/A
Genre: Action, Thriller
Director: Ryûhei Kitamura
Actors: Ruby Rose, Jean Reno, Aksel Hennie, Rupert Evans
Country: USA
Rating: N/A


A woman returns from combat and befriends a family in NYC, a gang of thieves plot to take the family's valuables, she is all that stands between them and their lives.

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I ook what I found.




Gunnery sergeant gorski.


Yes, ma'am?


I'm confident my daughter
will appreciate some female company.


- Yes, ma'am.
- Shall we proceed, Mr. laughlin?


Come on, nira. Let's get comfy.


Secure vip's daughter
in eagle three.


Copy that, chief.


Mr. Collins,
let's go over the presentation.


This is so pretty.


All teams, this is six.
Radio check over.