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Strange Friends English Subtitles

 Strange Friends

Movie Info:

Released: 28 May 2021
Runtime: N/A
Genre: Mystery
Director: Gary Lee Vincent
Actors: Michael Ochotorena, Gary Lee Vincent, Kyleigh Bakker
Country: United States
Rating: N/A


Mobster Ross Blakely is about to get into a difficult spot when his devout sister Samantha comes to him with an unusual request: rescue her daughter Jennifer from the life of drugs and the influence of her drug-dealing boyfriend. Shocked that his once-religious niece had gone so astray, he agrees to his sister's request. But when rescuing Jennifer doesn't go as smoothly as planned, Ross finds himself amongst the company of some strange friends, who hope to help him rescue his niece and possibly save him along the way.

Sep 14, 2021 01:47:37 M_I_S English 18

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1 00:00:37,679 --> 00:00:42,679 Provided by explosiveskull 2 00:01:09,031 --> 00:01:10,958 Yep, that's me. 3 00:01:10,960 --> 00:01:14,818 Ross Blakely sitting alone at the bar. 4 00:01:14,820 --> 00:01:18,468 I'm staring at my drink because I can't stand looking around 5 00:01:18,470 --> 00:01:20,453 at all these people having a good time. 6 00:01:21,590 --> 00:01:24,733 I've got a lot on my mind, a whole lot. 7 00:01:26,440 --> 00:01:30,258 I just found out couple of days ago from my older sister, 8 00:01:30,260 --> 00:01:34,388 my 15-year-old niece has been missing for two months. 9 00:01:34,390 --> 00:01:37,068 The police don't have a clue where the kid is.