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Rane (The Wounds) English Subtitles

 Rane (The Wounds)
May 13, 2020 08:53:51 Cleon English 9

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{64}{149}Dedicated to the first|post communist generation
{163}{324}BELGRADE, SERBIA|AUTUMN, 1 996.
{679}{727}Together again, eh paI?
{749}{824}shvaba's voice sounded like it|was coming from under water.
{830}{890}The wounds had started|to bleed again.
{904}{1024}l felt they were biting their|way through the bandages.
{1035}{1085}A matter of calibre, folks.
{1091}{1152}A calibre from which|wounds barely heal.
{1161}{1251}shvaba liked that calibre.|A guy with taste.
{1265}{1312}Good to see you again, paI.
{1334}{1393}shvaba, my buddy.
{1430}{1547}Never mind the... what do|you caII it? -Consequences.
{1559}{1654}No, when the situation is|reaIIy fucked. -Circumstances.
{1666}{1734}That's the word.|Fuck it,
{1746}{1805}The important thing is|that we're together again.
{1970}{2018}I've always believed that|shvaba would've been able
{2026}{2080}to say lots of funny|and interesting things...
{2088}{2156}Get the fuck out of|the way, you mice!
{2163}{2231}...if it hadn't been for|his war with words.
{2249}{2354}That's why l guess, it's up|to me to tell this story.
{2376}{2501}Let's go back five years.|Buckle up, folks, we're off.
{2599}{2687}BELGRADE, SERBIA..|AUTUMN, 1 991 .
{3824}{3890}W o U N D S
{4082}{4185}shvaba and me grew up|in a really dodgy area.
{4194}{4329}Breeze blocks, folks,|if you know what I mean?
{4336}{4426}If you don't,|who gives a fuck?
{4528}{4579}We have to decide|who pIays who.
{4664}{4703}Why do I aIways have|to be the Croat?
{4708}{4752}Your oId man was a Croat.
{4783}{4865}A Slovenian. -Same shit,|different wrapping.
{4873}{4906}What's wrong with you?
{4914}{4972}DiaboIa... -We're not kids|any more to be throwing
{4977}{5047}stones at each other. -Your|Mum's Slovenian, isn't she?
{5055}{5133}I've heard that SIovenians|fuck themseIves senseIess.
{5140}{5203}Shvaba's joking,|they onIy give good head.
{5250}{5273}Suck my dick!
{5353}{5381}Ustashan cunt!
{5429}{5465}Ustashan cunt!
{6636}{6670}I'm not a Croat!
{6678}{6749}You're not a Serb either!|Serbs don't cry Iike pussies.
{6768}{6835}Get it?|-Yes.
{6860}{6951}Bro', d'you hear that?|ours are coming! Serbia!
{6958}{7004}Now you're fucked!
{7101}{7155}That autumn, everyone in|our neighbourhood was
{7163}{7246}into watching the tanks|on their way to croatia.
{7261}{7309}Well, almost everyone.
{7322}{7442}Those damn tanks,|Iook at the fiIth!
{7507}{7560}My Mum wasn't to|keen on them.
{7572}{7618}It's a shame about|aII those fIowers...
{7624}{7681}My dad was angry with the|army for forcing him into
{7689}{7770}early retirement. Thirty|fucking years waiting for war
{7777}{7822}and he didn't even|get a look in.
{8421}{8454}Granny, they're great, eh?
{8498}{8560}shvaba's Granny wasn't|very keen on them either.
{8582}{8642}Of course, for Granny|the war was just a re-run.
{8863}{8910}Good morning, neighbour.
{8980}{9047}If you spiII that pigs swiII|down here again, you'II have
{9055}{9116}to give me head and Iick the|terrace at the same time!
{9127}{9233}You bitch! This isn't your|shithoIe Dubrovnik,
{9238}{9337}this is Serbia! -Whimp!|-Serbia, you trash!
{9342}{9422}Learn what's Iaw|and order!
{9453}{9529}You've mixed it aII up.|Her Iate husband was a Croat,
{9536}{9604}she's our. -ours, my arse,|with such behaviour!
{9646}{9724}You'd be better off getting|your gun and defending those
{9735}{9802}peopIe there.|-Fuck you!
{9815}{9885}But they retired you, whimp.
{9896}{9995}Because you're not right|in the head. -Fuck you!
{10170}{10210}Besides the tanks|and the news,
{10218}{10304}everyone in the neighbourhood|was into dijabola's Mum.
{10402}{10467}Lydia works on TV, folks.
{10545}{10646}she'll be important for|our story much later.
{10652}{10701}For now, remember her well,|just like l did.
{10759}{10817}What are you doing,|you idiot! -Son!
{10900}{10996}somehow it happened that|l started wanking that year.
{11016}{11066}At the same time we were|shelling Vukovar.
{11079}{11144}Go for it...|Go for it.
{11170}{11221}They'II destroy the town.
{11232}{11308}When we get rid of|the Ustasha's,
{11315}{11373}we'II buiId a nicer one,|Iike Paris.
{11383}{11417}The liberation|of serbian Vukovar
{11424}{11471}from the jaws|of the Ustashan monster
{11479}{11524}is becoming|an inevitable reality.
{11532}{11631}Paris, my arse. Even better.|Isn't that right, UgIjesha?
{11644}{11710}The citizens are coming|out of their cellars
{11718}{11817}greeting their liberators|with flowers, tears of joy
{11826}{11870}and a thousand and|one thanks.
{11915}{11976}A year later we were|shelling sarajevo.
{12036}{12071}And we were put|under sanctions.
{12083}{12190}You'II see! When the CIA|get their sateIIite pictures
{12197}{12265}and see that we've piIed|the beef on under sanctions!
{12778}{12881}One of the greatest crimes in|the history of civilisation:
{12902}{12966}Yugoslavia has been|severely punished
{12974}{13032}by the international police.
{13040}{13227}But unjust and unprovoked|sanctions won't brake serbia,
{13234}{13287}whose people|are fond of saying:
{13308}{13460}No one can harm us, we are|stronger than destiny,
{13467}{13603}let them hate us,|those who don't like us...
{13772}{13827}The wisdom fo the people|is much more powerful
{13835}{13881}than American forces.
{13887}{13921}He's Iocked himseIf|in again! Son...
{13926}{13969}When I put the toiIet under|sanctions, you'II shit
{13975}{14020}outside the buiIding.|Come out of there!
{14025}{14076}l couldn't have given a toss|about sanctions or the war.
{14082}{14119}Literally, folks.
{14126}{14180}l was wanking five times|a day at least!
{14207}{14280}Come out of there!|-Son, are you aII right?
{14298}{14366}What does life has to offer|a thirteen-year-old lad?
{14372}{14411}Just wanking!
{14419}{14468}Come out of there before|you faII down the bog!
{14509}{14558}ABoUT IDoLS
{14658}{14682}My dad had|idols, too.
{14691}{14749}At first he slobbered|over some croat Tito.
{14759}{14805}Then he had a thing for|Milosevic,
{14813}{14867}like everyone else|in our neighbourhood.
{15061}{15147}Neighbour be quiet! -Come|and see what I'm hanging up.
{15155}{15254}If you don't Iike it, I'II|hang you on my todger, mate!
{15296}{15365}BIoody oppositionist!
{15377}{15449}Son, have you got|a bad stomach again?
{15455}{15560}Fucking democrats! Is that|quiet enough, eh?!
{15878}{15950}The things us kids loved were|a lot more down to earth.
{16050}{16127}Our only hero was the|neighbour from across the way.
{16408}{16438}How was it?
{16444}{16534}crazy Kure! Just back from|a business trip to Germany.
{16542}{16585}The West is a miracIe.|I'II take you there sometime.
{16592}{16624}I want to go to Munich.
{16629}{16693}Munich, Frankfort,|DusseIdorf, CoIogne...
{16797}{16832}Shvaba, come here!
{16903}{16994}Did anyone pick on you, eh?|Look at this!
{17010}{17080}Thanks, uncIe Kure!|-UncIe Kure!
{17117}{17153}ShaII I wash your|car for you?
{17165}{17213}Take a hike, four eyes!
{17323}{17380}What are you staring at,|Shvaba? Take that in!
{17440}{17576}Can Pinki give us a hand?|-Him?
{17775}{17826}Yeah, aII right.|Come on, Shvaba.
{17938}{18051}Pinki, your Dad wants you.|-Don't worry Mrs,
{18057}{18145}I'II make them some custard.|Who gave you that siIIy name?
{18171}{18214}My oId man.
{18321}{18433}As a child, my dad was into|partisans, revolution,
{18439}{18527}take an oath,|child-warriors...
{18535}{18590}That gets to you, you know?
{18931}{18983}Bandits! shit!
{19328}{19394}comrade Pinki...
{19433}{19493}suck my dick,|comrade Stojan!
{19502}{19594}They say that real Pinki|was good with bombs. Maybe.
{19601}{19678}This one prefers shooters,|folks!
{19751}{19799}Where was I...?
{19805}{19844}Oh yes, how did l|get my name.
{19891}{19995}l was born on 4th May 1 980,
{20002}{20078}the same day that|croat Tito croaked.
{20092}{20147}We bawled our eyes out,|folks.
{20481}{20560}Go on son, have a god cry.
{20583}{20641}We'II name you after him:
{20706}{20793}Tito... S. Mucibabic.
{20947}{21031}Luckily, they were shocked|in the city hall.
{21043}{21139}They wanted to arrest him for|insulting the dead President.
{21146}{21178}AII right comrades,|I've changed my mind,
{21185}{21212}Let's caII him Ramiz.
{21236}{21294}No, Pinki, caII him Pinki!
{21385}{21442}l was marked for life,|folks!
{21471}{21529}l knew l was destined|for great deeds.
{21625}{21664}That reaIIy suits you.
{21670}{21726}Hey, kid! Take that off|and come here.
{22007}{22041}Get a good Iook, eh?
{22169}{22264}It seems you'd shag my|IittIe girI, wouIdn't you?
{22268}{22319}Come on now, Kure.
{22399}{22438}of course you wouId.
{22447}{22541}Kure, send the kids home.|-What for?
{22556}{22613}Let them Iearn something.|-Come on!
{22633}{22690}D'you know how to treat|this sort of bird?
{22697}{22736}D'you take her|to a museum, eh?
{22743}{22825}What wouId you do in|a museum, you IittIe trash?
{22843}{22959}Have you ever wondered why|there's no shagging
{22966}{23045}in oId American fiIms?|That's because Kagny and Bogy
{23050}{23112}didn't want to give away|their trade secrets.
{23117}{23169}Spit your gum out!
{23236}{23324}Shagging is an art. Pay|attention! First stage:
{23353}{23424}the neck. A serious job,|three to eight seconds.
{23446}{23501}Kure... -Come on!|Look here...
{23513}{23570}PIease don't, not|in front of the kids.
{23576}{23611}Second stage,|the anaesthetic.
{23619}{23666}The ear: ten to|fifteen seconds!
{23691}{23744}What are you staring at,|you IittIe bastards?
{23751}{23790}Get off!
{23838}{23910}Don't interrupt me!|Where was I?
{23928}{24005}Where was I?!|-The anaesthetic.
{24058}{24130}Third stage, fantasy!
{24180}{24358}Hand... crowIing,|crowIing... -Fuck you.
{24388}{24472}Look, the anaesthetic's|aIready working. -Fuck you.
{24587}{24634}You fucking bustard, Kure!
{24654}{24723}Look what you've done,|you wanker!
{24772}{24819}What a temper!
{24835}{24921}I'm gonna marry her,|reaIIy I am. -ReaIIy?
{24959}{25028}You cow! Come here.
{25048}{25116}ReaIIy?|-Come here.
{25293}{25323}Does it hurt?
{25330}{25371}Don't be ridicuIous.
{25378}{25422}But why didn't you teII me|it was bothering you?
{25428}{25458}You're so strange.
{25464}{25532}Look how stressed out I am,|I'm aII shaky. -CooI down.
{25540}{25584}Kids, go home.
{25711}{25776}UncIe Kure, are you|gonna fuck now?
{25845}{25886}Kevin Keegan!
{25913}{26026}Kure isn't a maniac.|Shut the door... My sweetie.
{26063}{26194}My wounded hand is crowIing...|-You're tickIing me.
{26200}{26235}Shagging is an art.
{26241}{26308}Of course Uncle Kure was|a maniac, someone who lives
{26314}{26356}at a hundred miles an hour,
{26361}{26398}who doesn't give a fuck|about anything.
{26405}{26518}Mother, buy me a gun,|to kiII my man,
{26524}{26596}who cheats on me every night.
{26629}{26807}Mother, buy me a syringe,|to overdose my man.
{26950}{27048}shvaba was also a bit like|that - a maniac. A quiet lad,
{27054}{27105}but there was no screwing|around with him.
{27111}{27196}KiII him Shvaba, kiII him,|bash his brains out!
{27283}{27340}HeeI, Shvaba, heeI!
{27347}{27390}That's probably why|Kure liked him.
{27396}{27420}Drop it!
{27442}{27513}To cut my man's throat, 'cos|he cheats on my every night,
{27520}{27570}mother, buy me a knife.
{27744}{27776}Mother, a knife!
{27789}{27830}Go on, sing!
{27932}{27960}Carry on!
{28101}{28122}Keep going!
{28140}{28225}You see, in school|l had all A's.
{28274}{28355}That's why for me weapons|took second place!
{28366}{28470}Even third.|ln first place were...
{28517}{28557}That's the most important|thing for business.
{28565}{28593}Pepper's a reaI geezer!
{28599}{28641}As if, you know!|Take this shit away.
{28648}{28673}And there was work|all over Europe.
{28680}{28734}You're Iying through your|fucking teeth. Get Iost, Rex!
{28761}{28822}A few of us were in fact|representing serbian culture.
{28830}{28881}CooI down, Kure.|-Shut it!
{28890}{28952}We were building up|this country's image.
{28957}{29010}Listen to this cant|taIking out of this arse!
{29018}{29081}We used to watch|''The Beat of the Street''
{29087}{29128}every Wednesday at Kure's.|For us kids it was
{29136}{29220}as popular as ''Beverly Hills'',|even more than ''Red Star''.
{29228}{29320}l still have fond memories|of some of those trips.
{29325}{29452}Frakfort on Mine, Munich,|dusseldorf, Bundesbank,
{29459}{29502}Offenbach, piggy bank,|dortmund...
{29511}{29557}He's the biggest fucking|cunt grass.
{29563}{29629}Grassing peopIe up took|first, second and third
{29634}{29720}pIace with you, mate!|-You know, in the West,
{29728}{29772}a serb was treated like|a gentleman.
{29935}{29999}I'II put an end to this|boIIocks, you cunt!
{30005}{30049}SEVEN DAYS LATER
{30056}{30129}78, 79, 80...
{30281}{30353}And now our neighbour|Lydia returns to our story.
{30375}{30454}Here she is, foIks,|isn't she a star?
{30461}{30564}Lydia used to bring all the|top criminals, mobsters,
{30571}{30617}our idols in fact,|onto her programme.
{30623}{30677}Let's see which sIime-baII's|on this week.
{30689}{30751}Look at him!|Are you counting, Shvaba?
{30758}{30842}Who, l hope, would open his|heart to you and to me.
{30855}{30910}Stole, draw!
{30951}{31001}Where did she get this|peasant from?
{31010}{31063}He shouIdn't be|on a kids show!
{31072}{31108}Are you counting, Svaba?
{31120}{31175}At that time we fought|according to a certain code,
{31190}{31250}fists only, but it wasn't|always fair play.
{31256}{31302}Here's an example|for your viewers.
{31333}{31434}Stole, you cant!|What a gentleman!
{31440}{31510}And what about poor Zvonce,|whom you shot from behind!?
{31517}{31578}God rest his souI.
{31586}{31650}Don't upset yourseIf Kure,|pIease! -Who's getting upset?
{31656}{31715}Who?|-Don't, Kure!
{31756}{31806}Give us a fag, kid!
{31994}{32063}Once me and my friend|Zvonce fell out
{32069}{32136}and agreed to settle things|in a civilised way...
{32143}{32171}Give us a fag!
{32176}{32211}...with fists,|just the two of us!
{32217}{32240}Robber!|Knight, my arse!
{32245}{32295}When l get there l see two|parked cars and say to myself:..
{32336}{32374}Shvaba, have I reached|hundred and fifty yet?
{32379}{32415}Even more!
{32422}{32485}l say to myself: Well done,|but that's impossible.
{32493}{32521}sounds exciting.
{32526}{32604}Hey kids, wouId you|give Lydia one?
{32646}{32694}I heard that!|-Quiet, in there.
{32743}{32812}of course not,|she's DiaboIa's Mum.
{32819}{32882}Why d'you fantasise about|her when you wank, then?
{32893}{32956}That's not the same,|is it, uncIe Kure?
{32989}{33032}WeII, Iads, that's a|phiIosophicaI question.
{33067}{33110}Bring that kid aIong,|I want to meet him.
{33115}{33153}You go on, he is asIeep!
{33161}{33208}oh, no, not that camoufIage|business again.
{33235}{33275}Don't go, Kure,|it's dangerous!
{33281}{33315}What's wrong with you,|I'm onIy going hunting...
{33328}{33359}for bunny rabbits!
{33608}{33683}Be brave... Heroes,
{33695}{33754}let's finish them off.
{33759}{33808}They won't surrender.
{33816}{33873}show them all your|strength and power,
{33879}{33935}as you did all along.
{33942}{34010}Be brave, they're|definitely broken!
{34484}{34525}Get up, you Iazy sods!
{34546}{34612}I'm bIeeding whiIe|you're sIeeping!
{34634}{34713}I'II draft you aII!|You Iazy bastards!
{34731}{34776}Everybody down in|five minutes!
{34796}{34898}Inspection! Fitness training|for the body. And the spirit!
{34909}{34958}Kure! Ugh, bIood!
{34965}{35023}It's not mine, it's|from the bunny rabbit.
{35034}{35100}A souvenir for you...|Shvaba, come here!
{35256}{35306}What d'you want? -You said|there'd be an inspection.
{35312}{35353}Get the fuck out of here.
{35358}{35406}Shvaba, take this in.
{35528}{35638}Kure, where's my microwave?|-Give us a Iist next time!
{35656}{35707}Neighbour, how was|the weekend?
{35712}{35767}Was there any fighting?
{35776}{35825}Everything for mother|Serbia, everything!
{35831}{35980}My universities: M. Gorki|G. Pinki (G = Giza)
{36455}{36508}Come on.|Put your head here.
{36544}{36577}Don't breathe.
{36610}{36689}Can you here anything?|-Yes, I can, uncIe Kure.
{36694}{36770}What can you hear?|You can hear my arse!
{36776}{36886}Listen. It's on and|you can't hear it.
{37031}{37127}Kure's bought a BMW, folks.
{37353}{37420}GoIden hands!|Give us that!
{37449}{37540}Not that... I'II make|a man out of you yet.
{37583}{37685}It's a miracIe what a man|can do with his ten fingers!
{37744}{37813}And remember, every skiII is|worth its weight in goId!
{37892}{37920}How could l explain to him,
{37928}{37979}that me and shvaba were|already learning our trade?
{38015}{38093}Shitting yourseIves, eh?|Watch this, you pussies!
{38130}{38169}Like in|''The BattIe of Neretva''.
{38186}{38236}When the Chetniks rode|into battIe
{38243}{38306}and those partisan cunts|hid behind the gravestones!
{38366}{38428}There goes SIy.|-UncIe Kure...
{38486}{38563}Come here. Have you ever|seen ''The BattIe of Neretva''?
{38572}{38641}You arsehoIes|haven't got a cIue!
{38708}{38802}D'you think I couId|shoot a bit?
{38882}{38980}What did your Mum say, when|am I gonna be on the show?
{38987}{39214}She said that Rat, Pepper|and Bones are on first.
{39238}{39348}of course, if they survive|that Iong. -of course.
{39429}{39490}And me? When's my turn?
{39679}{39752}Go on, spit it out!|-WeII... She says...
{39775}{39836}you're not|in the same cIass.
{39888}{39949}That's what she says, is it?
{40037}{40087}Have you seen|''The Godfather''?
{40128}{40171}You haven't got a cIue!
{40294}{40330}Go home!
{40354}{40426}Rat, Pepper...
{40492}{40547}So you think that's funny?
{40556}{40599}Do you, you cunts?
{40624}{40669}That's not very|nice, is it?
{40750}{40849}You're my friends,|your Iaughter hurts me.
{40880}{41015}I've decided to share|the pain with you. Shvaba...
{41207}{41260}Lets pIay... ''steeI fists''.
{41334}{41407}D'you want it now or straight|away? -Straight away.
{41508}{41592}Who's a hard nut then?|''Enter the Dragon'', eh?
{41599}{41648}Want some more?|-Yes.
{41739}{41775}You do, do you?
{41821}{41882}Come on, then.|-No probs, uncIe Kure.
{41993}{42033}Is that enough for you,|peasant?
{42054}{42103}Not yet!|-Not yet!
{42119}{42198}Hang on, there's no hurry.
{42339}{42399}Right, now... off you go.
{42545}{42585}Come on, Shvaba.
{42877}{42965}That's right, you're|reaIIy hard, Shvaba.
{42972}{43041}A beating can be|a good thing, foks.
{43046}{43118}lt is a good way of checking|if you're a man or a pussy.
{43123}{43170}The problem is that|most people find out
{43175}{43219}they're a pussy.
{43239}{43280}You want be seeing|that bastard any more!
{43286}{43343}Do you wanna be a criminaI?
{43395}{43468}Stojan, you've Iost count!|-No, I'm counting to myseIf.
{43635}{43686}That's fifty, Stojan!
{43754}{43792}Kevin Keegan!
{43812}{43896}Kevin Keegan!|Kevin Keegan!
{43903}{44001}That was the end of wanking,|real life had begun.
{44006}{44068}Kevin, d'you want a Iick?
{44162}{44228}Kure, how many more of these|morons do I have to do
{44235}{44305}for hundred marks. I didn't|know it'd be such hard work.
{44312}{44395}Let the kid enjoy himseIf|and stop taIking crap.
{44420}{44487}How did I do it, uncIe Kure?|-Very good, peasant.
{44520}{44594}Shagging's an art.|Go on, give it a wash.
{44615}{44656}Get a move on, kid.
{44750}{44813}What's up with you, you cunt,|shitting yourseIf, eh?
{45078}{45158}Thank God for that.|Next!
{45202}{45245}WeII done, Iad.
{45275}{45353}What are you staring at?|Go for it!
{45360}{45433}Come on, kid,|you're the Iast one.
{45511}{45554}Have you faIIen in Iove?
{45680}{45717}Come cIoser.
{45748}{45799}What're you doing, eh?
{45842}{45930}Kure, he can't do it! -What|d'you think, he can't do it?
{45938}{45982}Get Iost, geek!
{46002}{46095}UnbeIievabIe! What are we|gonna do about it?
{46120}{46156}Get your pants off!
{46182}{46232}oK, no probIems.
{46284}{46336}Don't worry, Kure'II|sort you out!
{46355}{46457}Be quiet!...|AIternative medicine!
{46486}{46541}Come here.|-Don't, uncIe Kure...!
{46547}{46629}Concentrate, stand up|straight... Shut up!
{46641}{46688}SureIy we won't go to the|doctor's because of this.
{46694}{46740}This isn't America.|ProbIem soIved.
{46746}{46809}Wow, a shish kebab!|Come on, go for it!
{46880}{46943}Kure, the kid's is doing it!|-Give it to her, Iad.
{46983}{47068}Go on, cunt! Sing!|-Kevin Keegan!
{47352}{47414}l'd be lying to you if|l didn't tell you
{47419}{47470}that at one moment l felt|sorry for diabola.
{47478}{47561}But that was just for|a short, fleeting moment.
{47572}{47626}As Kure says, you're either|fucking or being fucked,
{47632}{47689}there's nothing in-between.
{47827}{47902}A rebeIIion of mice, foIk.|This isn't our war.
{47997}{48076}Did you watch the Iatest|''The Beat of the Street''?
{48121}{48174}LittIe Lemon sIagged us off.
{48210}{48268}Kids are getting|nasty these days.
{48413}{48473}I'm sorry that Kure never|made it on the show.
{48514}{48568}He was reaIIy into the idea.
{48597}{48676}Who gives a fuck|about him, the cunt.
{48732}{48824}Get the fuck out|of the way, bIoody mice!
{48996}{49044}If onIy the sanctions wouId|Iast a bit Ionger,
{49051}{49095}we'd be made.
{49110}{49158}Look at that beauty, eh?
{49289}{49345}What's going on here?
{49351}{49441}Look at Peppers's Merc.|-500 E, hand made. -Shut it!
{49648}{49709}Did you watch the Iatest|''The Beat of the Street''?
{49720}{49784}Wasn't Bones fuII of shit?
{49792}{49891}Pepper, mate, this is|a highway robbery!
{49949}{49992}What're you doing?!
{50006}{50049}You're a fast one, kid.|-Give me that gun!
{50056}{50080}Haven't I toId you before
{50086}{50126}not to interrupt me|whiIe I'm taIking!
{50133}{50200}Sorry, Pepper. -Let's caII|Bones and have some fun.
{50208}{50252}What the fuck are|you pIaying at?
{50259}{50353}D'you know who I am?|-I do.
{50388}{50461}Here's five grand now. Come|and get the rest tomorrow.
{50510}{50640}Why are you fucking with me?|I'm not one of your jerks!
{50676}{50781}Come out and Iets fight for|it Iike in the good oId days!
{50788}{50826}Keep this shit.
{50902}{50977}AII that taIks about|good oId days!
{50991}{51050}The nostaIgia'II kiII you.
{51153}{51215}HeIIo? Bones?
{51256}{51315}I couId've bIown that cunt's|brains out, uncIe Kure.
{51320}{51359}He deserved it!
{52019}{52097}I'II beat the shit out of|you in two years!
{52128}{52253}There's not enough time, son.|1 995 is a Iong way off.
{52317}{52485}Let's do it now!|- Fuck off! Go home!
{52941}{53054}That petroI's dodgey, get|the hose and suck it out!
{53060}{53126}Dodgy, ah? Here you are,|drink it!
{53164}{53245}What're you pIaying at,|stop it!
{54019}{54090}PIaning a budget is the art|of survivaI in the difficuIt
{54098}{54159}circumstances our|country is facing.
{54166}{54246}Pension, five hundred|and sixty four biIIion,
{54252}{54299}eight hundred and thirty|two miIIion,
{54306}{54353}four hundred and|thirty five thousand,
{54360}{54417}four hundred and seventy|five and a haIf dinars.
{54422}{54491}Write this down:|CounciI tax, one biIIion,
{54498}{54575}TV Iicence, five biIIion,
{54595}{54747}food, not a Iot, but heaIthy,|twenty eight biIIion...
{54856}{54927}Cross out UgIjeshas|eight miIIion.
{54967}{55100}EIectricity, twenty five|biIIion. Heating...
{55180}{55306}What heating,|fucking bastards! !
{55434}{55547}That's impossibIe!|You and your maths!
{55708}{55735}Do it again!
{55790}{55889}Something's wrong.|Do it again.
{55970}{56037}Do it again, but|without the eIectricity.
{56065}{56178}Pension, five hundred and|sixty four biIIion...
{56185}{56260}Golden Hand used to bullshit|that '93 was the worst year
{56268}{56316}in the history|of the serbian nation.
{56324}{56384}l couldn't've give a toss|about the nation, folks.
{56391}{56444}For me and shvaba|it was the best year.
{56450}{56529}ln one summer we grew|ten centimetres.
{56559}{56618}Just the right amount,|folks!
{57532}{57630}dope, folks! An expanding|market economy.
{57638}{57709}lt was a great year|for this line of work.
{57716}{57771}lnflation at fuck knows|what percent.
{57778}{57838}People lost|everything they had.
{57844}{57893}It's ready, uncIe Kure!
{57924}{58033}Kure, the kid said that|the scag's ready.
{58038}{58100}compared to others,|Kure was lucky.
{58113}{58173}He only become smack head.
{58181}{58291}Shut up! Use your wiIIpower!|Count to twenty.
{58428}{58490}one, two, three... eight...
{58683}{58865}It's about Ninana.|Thirty five stab wounds.
{58904}{58953}Your first Iove|has gone.
{59400}{59435}Not so fast.
{59589}{59665}Don't Kure, why're|you being Iike that?
{59749}{59807}Pinki, come on.
{59823}{59910}Look at the tits I bought|her, two grand each.
{59931}{60026}Suzy, show the kids|the Grand Canyon.
{60056}{60106}Can I go first, Kure?
{60121}{60194}I've got a concert tonight,|how am I gonna sing?
{60207}{60258}oK scum, shoot her up!
{60323}{60370}Sing, Suzy, sing!
{60460}{60499}Thanks, Kure.
{60654}{60837}Look at my Suzy, the first|vein of BeIgrade. And wider.
{60968}{61140}l put a gun in his mouth,|he started mumbling...
{61147}{61205}How can you be bothered?
{61214}{61288}l told him, you should see|a speech therapist, mate.
{61337}{61496}''For the Serbian forces,|that was the onIy way...''
{61516}{61615}Bravo! See you, peasants!
{61671}{61696}Let's go.
{61931}{61980}Don't.|-Look at the state of him!
{61998}{62038}Look at him!
{62259}{62321}ln serbia, in this trade,|you graduate by shooting
{62329}{62425}your teacher. We didn't have|a hope in hell of graduating.
{62432}{62493}Kure was making sure of that.
{62656}{62692}Mr. Pinki,|how's schooI going?
{62722}{62750}Suck my dick, you oId fart.
{62756}{62885}slowly we've been taking|over the whole neighborhood.
{62897}{62946}Nevenka, come and|watch the news!
{62955}{63010}lt took my stupid dad|ten years to make it
{63017}{63068}from a first sergeant|to a sergeant mayor.
{63076}{63159}And look at me, folks,|then judge who got it right!
{63396}{63425}So you're moving|to SIovenia, eh?
{63431}{63476}No, to the posh|part of town.
{63547}{63580}Give us a ring sometime.
{63609}{63719}We've got a job for you.|-oK -See you.
{63856}{63937}Darko, Iet's get out of here.|Get that Iorry moving.
{63944}{64020}What are you offering|that pratt a job for,
{64031}{64080}he'II have|the pigs onto us!
{64085}{64118}Who's there?
{64124}{64180}The big bad woIf and the|LittIe Red Riding Hood!
{64187}{64276}Where've you been 'tiII now?|-At schooI, on detention.
{64283}{64330}Gran, give us something|to scoff!
{64335}{64405}Get Iost!|-Don't pick on Madonna.
{64410}{64545}Our base was at shvaba's, he|lived alone with his Granny.
{64552}{64655}lf you don't count the hens.
{64667}{64810}In '41 in the middIe of the|night, Ustashas came into
{64817}{64976}Crnici and cut the throats|of about two hundred peopIe.
{65016}{65064}The murdering bustards!
{65071}{65150}Somehow I managed to escape,|got to the river,
{65174}{65275}jumped into the water,|Iooked and sow...
{65282}{65319}What did you see, Granny?
{65328}{65380}Kids have you got|a cigarette for Granny?
{65466}{65522}Here you are, Granny,|an American one.
{66051}{66178}WeII, Granny, where were we?|-oh, yes, Ustashas!
{66310}{66403}TeII us, Granny, did they|cut your throat or not?
{66410}{66504}I saw them running after me.
{66531}{66593}Somehow I managed|to swim across the Rzava.
{66601}{66710}Shit, what a name - Rzava!|-Rzava, I aImost drowned.
{66813}{66884}Where's that,|is it in DisneyIand?
{66971}{67076}There was a fuII moon, wouId|you fucking beIieve it,
{67083}{67149}everything was Iit up!
{67210}{67355}And Ustashas, with those|big knives in their theets...
{67387}{67522}Wow, Granny,|Iook at that. A Jedi!
{67589}{67683}What a story, Granny! We'II|get you some coke tomorrow.
{67687}{67767}I'd rather have a cock, son.
{67845}{67947}Look at the way they're|pIaying... Like red-Indians!
{67963}{68040}Indians!|Gimme a bear.
{68136}{68227}And you're red-Indians,|too. Brought up
{68232}{68345}on this reservation,|in this condom of a country!
{68354}{68438}And you strike fucking|attitudes. Doing a job, eh?
{68542}{68599}What d'you think you're|doing, you fucking cant!
{68611}{68658}What the fuck d'you want?
{68664}{68694}UncIe Kure, there's a fat|faggot here
{68702}{68739}wants a word with you.
{68745}{68806}Where is he, the pig?
{68923}{68946}Did I get him?
{68953}{69018}of course, uncIe Kure,|you're the bizz!
{69049}{69123}of course I am, you Apache!
{69280}{69396}When I remember...|DusseIdorf, Bundesbank,
{69427}{69465}in the middIe of the day...
{69759}{69913}I just went in, good morning,|three grand better off...
{69920}{70049}Do you know how much is it?|I mean... quantitative?
{70484}{70546}The pigs came,|speciaI branches...
{70694}{70785}I jumped out of the widow,|somersauIted,
{70798}{70873}open fracture,|didn't feeI a thing!
{70936}{70994}What's that?|-A fIy, uncIe Kure.
{71095}{71152}That was business.
{71217}{71282}Not Iike you, drug pushing.
{71367}{71466}In my time that|was dishonourabIe.
{71473}{71561}They knew what honour|was then.
{71666}{71738}Now there's onIy shit Ieft.
{71786}{71835}Pinki, get rid of those|fIies that are pestering
{71843}{71912}uncIe Kure!|Show some respect!
{71917}{71984}Good morning, uncIe Kure.|-Red-Indians!
{72026}{72149}Bogi, Kagny, CIint
{72196}{72291}and UncIe Kure'II aIways|be cowboys for you!
{72362}{72481}At your age, I screwed|a bIack girI in Amsterdam.
{72519}{72618}It's not worth mentioning|the EiffeI Tower.
{72627}{72728}D'you Comanches know how|a reaI bIack girI shag?
{72892}{72971}The fuck you do!
{73531}{73588}A fIy, eh!
{73911}{74012}Where are you, pussy?|I've been waiting for you.
{74051}{74093}Hide and seek, eh?
{74173}{74271}one, two, three...
{75139}{75181}You'II wake everyone up.
{75350}{75411}When the Serbian peopIe were|going through hard times,
{75419}{75484}Kure feIt their pain|Iike reaI patriotic Serb.
{75522}{75618}Like many of us, he decided|to heIp our peopIe to defend
{75625}{75752}hearth and home, aIong|with our ancestor's graves.
{75759}{75868}Ljubisa Kurcubic Kure,|in a word, a knight
{75875}{75920}in a shining armour,|a true patriot!
{75926}{76006}He was a good man. Handsome.|-And Serb. -Tosser.
{76011}{76072}Not an ordinary man,|a big man!
{76078}{76169}He had a great heart.|-Here's our obituary:
{76176}{76231}''UncIe Kure, up there from|the HoIIy Iand,
{76240}{76320}you'II see us|with his baIIs in hand''.
{76328}{76398}You're a poet, Pinki.|Who d'you think did it?
{76416}{76482}The one who wrote|the Iongest obituary...
{76490}{76555}or the one who's|making the speech.
{76560}{76595}Good bIess him.
{76657}{76687}''BIack Raven''.
{76707}{76814}Hey, Ljubisa, BIack Raven,
{76850}{76935}you've found a home forever.
{76957}{77015}We're Iate! You're|in deep shit now!
{77020}{77053}Get a move on, pratts!
{77060}{77106}Look, the coffin's gone!
{77174}{77262}Excuse me, I'm from the TV,|we're Iate.
{77273}{77330}WouId it be a probIem|to dig him up again,
{77337}{77419}so I can fiIm it. -Look|it's her from the teIIy!
{77426}{77482}Pepper, so you're stiII|aIive then!
{77488}{77522}oh, it's you, Liki,|you scam bag!
{77528}{77566}Fuck yourseIf!|My condoIences.
{77571}{77619}I'm reaIIy sorry he didn't|make it onto my show.
{77626}{77658}Another time.
{77665}{77732}Wreath, cIose up on the cross,|and make your own way home.
{77772}{77851}You've reaIIy grown,|now you're reaI young man.
{77933}{77990}Did you ask her?|-Ask what?
{78017}{78112}Which one of us was|the better fuck? -Yes I did.
{78142}{78262}She said we were very|different. -That's no answer.
{78290}{78421}I agree... But I won't|be abIe to ask her again.
{78502}{78542}The Iast round, Kure!
{78790}{78834}I'II find that cunt!
{78918}{78963}You'II kiII the bastard.
{78970}{79047}Thanks, uncIe Pepper.|-See you.
{79106}{79157}Come on, you junkie scum!
{79828}{79879}D'you know why they|caIIed him crazy Kure?
{79884}{79936}They say that when he was on|''The Beat of the Street''
{79941}{79991}he grabbed one of Lydia's|tits! -Kure was never
{80000}{80065}on ''The Beat of the Street''.|Get Iost!
{80158}{80225}Come on, scumbag.|Look at the state of you.
{80239}{80276}I'II take to the raiIway|station
{80283}{80346}and Iet aII the|deadbeats screw you.
{80361}{80404}or I'II screw you with|an eIectric saw.
{80413}{80479}HeIIo, uncIe Pepper.|-HeIIo.
{80508}{80562}Who are they?|-Kures's kids.
{80586}{80659}AII these new kids|are the same? AwfuI!
{80679}{80757}Shvaba, are you mad|or what? Come on!
{81013}{81064}Is he different?|-What's the fuck with you?!
{81071}{81112}Is he different?|-What do you care?
{81119}{81196}I've got rid of aII the geer.
{81212}{81295}You're not the same,|reaIIy you're not.
{81314}{81357}Am I the same? -Look at|Shvaba, producing eggs.
{81363}{81394}Am I the same?!
{81400}{81456}Why don't you have more|faith in yourseIf?
{81495}{81564}You can't come if you|don't respect yourseIf.
{81586}{81630}You'II end up with|an inferiority compIex.
{81638}{81684}Go and keep Gran|company for a bit.
{81720}{81828}Let's ask Granny if she|thinks you're the same.
{82208}{82344}Gran, this here is a naturaI|remedy for bIocked sinuses.
{82435}{82491}Is it that ''UncIe Joe's''|cure''?
{82499}{82578}No, I got it straight|from JaiIbird himseIf.
{82717}{82822}It feeIs good, eh Granny?|Sweet marjoram.
{83636}{83692}l looked at shvabas Gran.
{83699}{83747}she looked really sweet|at that moment.
{83754}{83804}And then l thought of|another old woman,
{83812}{83853}some shit from the school.
{83862}{83916}That famous murder of an oId|Iady, and her kiIIer,
{83924}{83979}RaskoInikov, entered|the history books
{83987}{84069}in the way the American fiIm|never wiII. Dostoyevsky...
{84079}{84151}For two months, leper face|talked bollocks about some
{84159}{84236}fella who did some granny in.|And then he apparently
{84243}{84321}wondered if he should've|done it in the first place.
{84328}{84408}Man, a whole book about|doing some old woman in!
{84416}{84481}What if he'd bumped off|some great-looking chick?
{84487}{84563}Would they fuck've put|that on the curriculum!
{85115}{85191}Then the first time l killed|someone came into my mind...
{85208}{85255}There was no should l,|shouldn't l,
{85262}{85331}l just went for it.|But l didn't feel the need
{85337}{85418}to write a book about it.|Me and writing...
{85459}{85541}What a strange smell a gun has|when you kill someone with it,
{85616}{85659}or am l imagining things...
{85687}{85769}Here l go again, telling|the story from the end...
{85775}{85833}instead of how it|all started.
{85948}{85993}Quiet Nevenka,|the kid'II hear us!
{86026}{86080}Shut up whiIe I'm|fucking you.
{86480}{86605}Eh, Bertha... Good Iuck|on our first break-in!
{86854}{86961}diabola had tipped us off|about some old guy, Stubac,
{86967}{87043}one of his Mum's friends,|a news presenter.
{87143}{87205}Look, he's fIoating!
{87316}{87374}What did DiaboIa say|the combination was?
{87380}{87493}23rd September,'87.|Two...three...nine...
{87500}{87563}What's that? The Iast time|he got his and away?
{87570}{87616}The date of some congress,|who gives a toss?
{87621}{87677}23.9.1 987 - SIobodan MiIosevic|comes to power in Serbia.
{87685}{87728}A great combination!
{88103}{88169}WouId you fuck me,|eh, mate? -of course.
{88471}{88556}Fat head, switch that off,|I can't see a bIoody thing!
{88661}{88776}SiIver medaI for you,|Granddad! -Who are you?
{88793}{88872}Hoards of Ustashan cut-throats|and MusIim fanatics.
{88877}{88943}We've come to brake|your baIIs for sIagging
{88950}{89012}us off on the news!|Take your cIothes off!
{89134}{89284}Who d'you work for?|It's not about money, is it?
{89337}{89487}What they say about my visits|to Knin is aII rubbish.
{89509}{89627}I'm IoyaI!|Can I invite Zikica?
{89646}{89752}Is he the one I fucked?|-Look at the swan, Granddad!
{89770}{89832}Kid, give me the gun!
{89866}{89947}This is real killing!
{90033}{90088}Look at him, mate.|Dead!
{90208}{90263}Are you interested|to know who Zikica is?
{90273}{90312}Let her have it!
{90342}{90414}You're on ''The Beat of the|Street'' next Wednesday, oK?
{90477}{90517}Yes. Why?
{90567}{90632}oK. -Now one|practicaI advice.
{90642}{90733}Shoot him in the head to make|it Iook Iike a cop kiIIing.
{90746}{90793}Did you hear that,|you fat head!
{90799}{90860}D'you know haw IoveIy|the MaIdives are,
{90867}{90932}even IoveIier than Dubrovnik!|-LoveIier than what?
{90941}{90995}I'II see you on Wednesday.
{91008}{91051}Fuck it, man!
{91126}{91165}We're on the show, us! !
{91207}{91241}Look at the swan!
{91423}{91495}Are you hungry? Gran,|have you been to the shops?
{91534}{91596}What's the matter with you?
{91614}{91703}You didn't find the stash|under the mattress, did you?
{91712}{91780}Gran, do you hear me?
{91829}{91903}Didn't I teII you to keep|the drugs away from her!
{91917}{91977}It's not that,|Iook at the teIIy.
{91983}{92038}She's in a state 'cos|of the Ustashas.
{92052}{92101}Knin is now under the|control of croatian Troops.
{92107}{92162}civilians and serbian army|left the city.
{92167}{92221}serbian soldiers offer|heavy resistance
{92229}{92310}in this area. croatian|forces in Kraina...
{92315}{92436}There were others who didn't|take the fall of Kraina well.
{92445}{92549}This is a betrayaI,|you bastards!
{92557}{92673}You betrayed the sacred|Serbian Iand of Kraina!
{92679}{92760}Don't, Stojan! -You're|disturbing the neighbours!
{92767}{92808}BetrayaI! -Someone'II|caII the poIice!
{92815}{92916}Let them caII!|This is for poIice!
{92933}{93031}CaIm down, neighbour,|everything'II be oK!
{93036}{93151}You don't give a toss about|the sacred Iand of Kraina!
{93157}{93217}Half a million people have|left their homes
{93224}{93278}and are on|their way to serbia...
{93429}{93490}Have you got any pictures|of that traitor?
{93496}{93586}Which one, Dad?|-You've got it easy?
{93641}{93722}lt's nice to see people not|afraid to show their feelings,
{93727}{93805}especially when he's|your dad!
{94127}{94182}Good evening viewers.|Tonight, on the program,
{94188}{94259}we have two unusual guests.|Unusual because of...
{94267}{94329}...their age.
{94426}{94484}Stojan! our|Pinki's on the teIIy!
{94490}{94542}...would you like to tell|us how old you are?
{94563}{94664}1 7... next month.
{94680}{94730}While most kids your age|are at school,
{94736}{94816}you've chosen a different|path. Why?
{94823}{94904}Life forced it on us.|-What do you mean?
{94924}{94967}l'm winding you up.
{95019}{95131}Funny. Have you ever been|even slightly wounded?
{95221}{95309}cat got your tongue?|-No, l mean, not yet.
{95317}{95418}That's the truth!|We've never been wounded.
{95475}{95523}What the fuck are you on,|put it back.
{95530}{95571}Everything's cool, mate,|keep rolling.
{95583}{95639}We don't use guns here...|-When you said
{95647}{95698}that we'd never been wounded,|it sounded like
{95706}{95773}you were trying to slag|us off. -calm down, mate!
{95780}{95852}l didn't come here for|someone to take the piss!
{95858}{95927}don't give me that,|you didn't mean it!
{96184}{96266}There, l'm wounded now.|ls that OK?
{96295}{96346}What a great feeling, pal.
{96381}{96419}Really great!
{96523}{96569}do you want us to call|a doctor?
{96578}{96634}d'you wanna have a go, pal?|-Why not?
{96642}{96707}d'you want it in the head?|-Yeah? OK, but just a bit...
{96714}{96751}l'm stopping the programme!
{96756}{96822}Go on, you little shits, go|home! -sit down!
{96834}{96883}What d'you mean,|stop the program?!
{96891}{96942}l'll fucking well|show you lot!
{96948}{97031}Leave her alone... lt's|time for some refreshment.
{97065}{97129}shvaba, don't embarrass|me on the telly.
{97135}{97173}Want some?|-No, thanks.
{97181}{97236}What's up with you, mice,|shitting yourself, eh?
{97329}{97395}Western economists are|pilling their hair out
{97401}{97493}and asking themselves how|it is possible that serbia
{97500}{97617}has the largest growing|economy in Europe...
{97624}{97681}Let's see the report...
{98199}{98231}What's wrong, Dad?
{98278}{98356}I thought you couId take me|into action sometimes.
{98418}{98526}I'm good with weapons.|That's my profession.
{98586}{98646}But Nevenka mustn't|find out.
{98784}{98919}Great! Your dad wants|to be a criminal!
{99598}{99749}ToiIet - 1 50 marks,|pipe - thirty marks.
{99759}{99858}Pension - 35 marks.|If I save up,
{99866}{99952}in 8 months I'II be shitting|Iike a gentIeman again.
{99979}{100074}That's not bad,|not bad at aII...
{100185}{100230}Get a hoId of yourseIf,|Pinki.
{100718}{100806}l felt like crying.|And l did cry, mates,
{100837}{100935}but you want see that.|Pinki's not whimp.
{100946}{100984}PINKI CRIES
{101212}{101269}D'you know me? -I do!|-I don't know you!
{101290}{101324}What're you on?
{101619}{101679}See, mate, he knows me,|but I don't know him!
{101714}{101774}Hey, you reaIIy did the biz.|-Who's this faggot?
{101780}{101842}Hey, geezer.|You're the best, go for it!
{101849}{101888}And he knows me,|but I don't know him.
{101897}{101922}Who's that?
{101938}{102003}Even he knows me and I don't|know him! -Fuck off!
{102009}{102060}What do you mean, fuck off!|I know you, you know me!
{102106}{102180}And they aII know you.|D'you know them!?
{102243}{102278}I don't know you!
{102330}{102380}Good evening! -Is there|a probIem with this invaIid?
{102387}{102455}Which invaIid?|-ReIax.
{102504}{102546}Let's pIay red gIoves!
{102759}{102811}You sing Iike|MichaeI Jackson.
{102875}{102936}I'II pay up. The money's|under the veaI!
{103112}{103169}Mistreating people helped|me not to think about
{103176}{103279}my stupid dead father or my|mother. lt's better to treat
{103287}{103396}other people badly rather|than yourself, isn't it?
{103480}{103548}I hope I wasn't in the way.
{103555}{103617}I've been doing a programme|about this for three years
{103626}{103769}and I've never seen this Iive!|-It's the best when it's Iive.
{103822}{103873}Money? Is this about money?|I have money.
{103881}{103952}WouId you Iike this RoIex...|Merc... What?
{103960}{104005}No, what is then?|You want a gIory, eh?
{104017}{104070}This isn't a quiz show,|you faggot!
{104334}{104409}You've seen a murder. What|eIse are you interested in?
{104417}{104513}Lots of things. Thanks for|the entertainment. Bye, kids.
{104892}{104973}Thanks for the information,|mate!
{105018}{105096}Bosnian send his regards,|that's a bad sigh!
{105113}{105218}And the cops are asking about|us. I've ordered passports.
{105355}{105411}We couId go away for a bit,|Germany.
{105436}{105496}Shag a few bIack girIs, eh?
{105782}{105855}What the fuck are you on?
{105953}{106028}Get on with your drawing,|you moron!
{106453}{106510}I'm not running away|Iike a fucking whimp!
{106516}{106561}And I don't Iike|bIack girIs, get it?
{106676}{106724}Get it?|-I get it.
{107070}{107106}Am I interrupting?|-Come in.
{107167}{107213}Why're you so untidy?
{107277}{107378}I hear you're skipping|the country. Wise move.
{107421}{107518}Whoever said that can|suck my dick! -I sad it.
{107524}{107562}I know!
{107579}{107656}Come on kids,|why are you arguing?
{107689}{107769}How's the wound? Let me|have a Iook at it.
{107953}{108041}I'm off. I've got|something to do. -Bye, Pinki.
{108156}{108234}Here you are, sir. -Why're|you shitting yourseIf?
{108518}{108563}D'you know what I'm|gonna do to you?
{108569}{108640}You've got no idea|what I'm gonna do to you.
{108660}{108760}Don't you know what you are?|A whore, that's what!
{108826}{108911}That's right, I'm a whore.|And what now?
{108998}{109057}What are we gonna do now,|me and you?
{109117}{109161}Why don't you answer?
{109231}{109299}Your friend might be caIIing.
{109576}{109646}Answer the phone.|-I wiII.
{109695}{109811}They're fitting our car up!|D'you know how cIose I was?
{109838}{109919}We've gotta get out of here!
{109977}{110039}Put it down, further down...
{110236}{110287}Set it off, Pinki.
{110516}{110567}Kids are turning really|nasty these days,
{110588}{110639}especially those two puffs|from those breeze blocks.
{110647}{110700}l've got a song for them.|''Give her my regards!''
{110731}{110812}But it isn't a love song.|Think about it, kids!
{110818}{110904}A bullet in the arse is the|movie. We're more creative!
{110921}{110962}We've got a guest, Granny.
{111074}{111102}You're dead.
{111138}{111229}The sponsors of the murder|which was just announced
{111236}{111293}is democracy Lights.|-What do I owe you?
{111314}{111380}Another appearance on|the show in '97.
{111409}{111482}'97 is a long way off.|-Don't taIk boIIocks.
{111782}{111834}What're you doing here?
{111841}{111923}Pinki caIIed me.|He's got a surprise for you.
{112111}{112148}Pinki, you cunt!
{112194}{112226}That's not fair!
{112262}{112299}She's mine!
{112404}{112469}What's the matter with|you?! Fuck it!
{112543}{112572}Fuck it...
{112803}{112873}Sonny! It's just been|on the teIIy!
{112888}{112997}The sanctions have been|Iifted! Thanks God!
{113051}{113100}l managed to smile, folks.
{113118}{113194}l guess that's a sure sign|that you're gonna croak.
{113345}{113392}Four strait through and|one near the heart.
{113400}{113439}What's your name, kid?
{113449}{113525}My name is Bond.|James Bond.
{113570}{113620}Suck my dick, you oId git!
{113643}{113737}You might have noticed that|l lied. My name is Pinki.
{113743}{113802}But it's nice to die like|James Bond, isn't it?
{113896}{113950}ln every American movie|there's that really
{113957}{114033}sickly bit. When the hero has|just narrowly escaped death
{114041}{114094}and outside it's apparently|a beautiful day.
{114102}{114168}l suppose they want to say|that life's a wonderful thing.
{114177}{114224}lt was a shitty day outside,
{114231}{114300}but at least there's|a couple of doves.
{114433}{114503}And the same dream|every night, folks.
{115059}{115106}We'll meet in the better|world, pal.
{115138}{115181}Get a move on, cunts!
{115208}{115319}CarefuI, you bastards! If he|dies, you're dead, get it!?
{115333}{115386}Let's start from|the beginning.
{115394}{115476}Just whisper the name|of whoever shot you!
{115557}{115641}I've aIready toId you.|I was cIeaning Dad's gun
{115653}{115733}and it went off. -So how|come you've got five wounds?
{115747}{115802}I don't give up easiIy.
{115813}{115873}Leave the sun of the God|in peace. Can't you see,
{115881}{115936}they're God's wounds.|The wounds of our Lord
{115942}{116051}Jesus Christ! Look!|They're sacred wounds!
{116384}{116454}We'II taIk again. -Look, he|can't do anything to you!
{116584}{116633}Thanks, Granddad.|-Those wounds...
{116641}{116726}are the sign from God.|You've been chosen.
{116746}{116917}Touch me, HoIIy Man, heaI me.|You can see I'm dying!
{116956}{117009}The streets of Belgrade are|today flushing with shame.
{117018}{117075}The citizens of our capital|city, are victim of terror,
{117085}{117142}due to a handful of fascist|hooligans who for the last
{117150}{117194}few days have been throwing|thousands of eggs
{117203}{117244}at the facades of our|city's buildings.
{117252}{117293}Are you going to start|throwing bread tomorrow?
{117301}{117385}something's going on outside.|someone stole someone's votes.
{117393}{117442}lt wasn't me, l swear|on my Mom's life.
{117449}{117494}l've got an alibi,|as you can see.
{117972}{118033}HoIy Man...|pIease take me with you.
{118042}{118120}There's nothing Ieft|for me here.
{118126}{118198}You're my onIy hope,|pIease, HoIy Man!
{118390}{118459}You're confusing me|with someone eIse.
{119144}{119176}You're back, then?
{119296}{119343}I came to see you in the|hospitaI,
{119349}{119415}but you were in a coma.
{119498}{119589}You Iook oK. -Give me the|piece. -I haven't got it.
{119777}{119830}You're Iooking for Shvaba?
{119895}{119969}He's a reaI cunt.|I'II teII you where he is.
{120021}{120154}No, thanks. What did you|caII Shvaba? A cunt, eh?
{120249}{120371}As Shvaba says... Serbs|don't cry Iike pussies!
{120380}{120461}Did you understand?|-Yes, I did.
{120474}{120524}No, you didn't.
{120595}{120641}It's onIy a joke.
{120768}{120811}oh, it's you, sweetie!
{121021}{121076}Now it fits you just weII.
{121365}{121418}DiaboIa can't get it up, eh?
{121436}{121527}Who cares, he Iooks after me.|-I appreciate that.
{121657}{121730}What're you Iooking at?|My impIants, eh?...
{121742}{121873}I've soId them. I'm not in|a show business any more.
{121930}{122004}Anyway, naturaI's|more beautifuI.
{122136}{122194}He toId you to|give him a ring.
{122380}{122418}Is Shvaba there?
{122508}{122563}I was waiting for|you to caII.
{122572}{122683}You know what we have to do.|-I know, paI. Thanks.
{122721}{122799}Have you got everything|we need? -I wiII have.
{122912}{123027}What about Lydia? -Nothing,|paI. TeII her heIIo.
{123131}{123180}l shouldn't say that.
{123201}{123240}What did he say?
{123251}{123321}To teII heIIo.|-That was nice of him.
{123396}{123459}of course,|he's a poIite Iad.
{123483}{123542}You haven't been arguing,|have you?
{123564}{123595}Cat got your tongue?
{123737}{123780}shvaba's a bit of|a strange guy.
{123788}{123851}He thought l was to shy to|say it. so he killed her
{123856}{123920}in any case, to show|me his appreciation.
{123926}{123971}lt's nice to have|that sort of friend.
{123977}{124017}Now I'm demonstrating|as weII!
{124228}{124262}cat got your tongue?
{124390}{124423}Go on, tell me.
{124432}{124501}Your guests kill for money|or revenge. l don't see the...
{124507}{124590}Attraction, eh?|What about Ninana?
{124610}{124669}Stabbed, 35 times, Mum.|You can't tell me
{124675}{124749}that was for revenge.|-You're a real daftie.
{124829}{124920}How d'you expect to become a|criminal when you're ticklish?
{124940}{125014}You'll end up like Ninana,|Mummy! -Me! You'll see!
{125194}{125249}What're you gonna do|to DiaboIa now?
{125275}{125348}Why?|-WeII, 'cos of Kure.
{125429}{125554}So, he kiIIed uncIe Kure!|WeII, he never Iet on.
{125584}{125640}Are you gonna kiII him?
{125721}{125759}Don't be daft.
{125886}{125918}Come by.
{125945}{126025}Who's gonna demonstrate|if you youngsters don't!
{126031}{126096}Come on! Lets drown|on the TV news!
{126177}{126256}Commie bastards!
{126295}{126331}lf dad were alive,
{126339}{126408}would he be faffing around|with pots and pans?
{126416}{126496}No, he wouldn't,|he wasn't that type.
{126513}{126598}Times have changed,|but as far as l'm concerned,
{126608}{126713}a gun's better than|a pot or a whistle any day!
{126728}{126798}A man can't change|at my age!
{127308}{127353}I'm sorry about Granny.
{127383}{127483}Fuck it, the first time she|voted against MiIosevic,
{127490}{127605}she went to bed and died.|She must have been scared.
{127623}{127678}ShaII we do it|straight away?
{127716}{127781}Let's drive around|the town for a bit.
{127789}{127835}Like we used to do,|eh, paI?
{128319}{128527}Buy some aIcohoI, bandages,|gauze... and some pIasters.
{128572}{128683}Very considerate paI,|I wouIdn't've remembered.
{128787}{128832}Don't mention it.
{128911}{128998}Excuse me... -We're cIosed.|You'II have to come tomorrow!
{129003}{129050}It's urgent, Mrs,|I need some things.
{129055}{129099}Someone's been wounded.|-Who's wounded?
{129106}{129156}Fuck you, bitch!|open up!
{129391}{129426}Nice Iady.|-Yeah.
{129845}{129930}Nice to see you again, paI.|Never mind the...
{129942}{130030}What d'you caII it...|-Consequences?
{130456}{130499}I reaIIy got you, eh paI?
{130638}{130716}It's not too bad.|Where're we gonna do it?
{130726}{130818}our there.|A fIood Iit finaI, paI...
{130831}{130901}it'd be a shame|to strain your eyes!
{131242}{131285}ShaII we start?
{131337}{131394}You choose the weapon,|it's onIy right.
{131509}{131567}You choose.|-The TT's better.
{131605}{131695}It depends. The TT is better|for under the shouIder,
{131715}{131804}for the rest,|we can use yours.
{131824}{131874}Are you scared?
{131891}{131994}TeII me. -I couIdn't give|a toss, Iets get on with it!
{132195}{132252}What're you doing?
{132300}{132370}Five'd be enough. -Why? In|case you get carried away
{132378}{132431}and keep on shooting?
{132470}{132516}Last shooting, paI.
{132647}{132720}What eIse is there?|-Nothing, probabIy.
{132747}{132821}oK, you can start, paI.|-ShaII we roII up, first?
{132841}{132907}Not now paI,|better at haIftime.
{132916}{133021}Where d'you want it first?|-Where did it heaI fastest?
{133084}{133161}Nowhere. ShaII we|start with the Ieg?
{133185}{133245}Maybe that's not such a good|idea 'cos of footbaII.
{133254}{133336}Never mind, we'II pIay the|tabIe footbaII.
{133442}{133513}Look what you've done to me,|I've started hiccuping.
{133534}{133572}Now you'II have to|give my a fright!
{134149}{134188}Did that do it?
{134200}{134271}I've stopped hiccuping,|thanks paI!
{134355}{134404}You're doing weII.
{134539}{134593}What's next?|-Warm up a bit,
{134606}{134681}so that you don't miss|the one near the heart.
{134689}{134746}I'm on top form, paI!
{134776}{134916}Trust me!|-oK... Here'II do.
{134939}{135009}A good choice, paI.|SteeI yourseIf!
{135137}{135287}It's oK, paI. I'm getting|used to it. -So am I!
{135347}{135454}I'm stiII Ieading 5:3, paI.|ShaII we carry on?
{135652}{135706}Yeah, 5:5 is a good resuIt!
{135727}{135817}Then you know that|it was a great match.
{135853}{135918}Have ''Red Star'' scored 5|recentIy?
{136112}{136207}I don't foIIow any more.|It's a crap game.
{136232}{136284}I guess they're Iacking|that...
{136326}{136392}Motivation.|-Yeah, that shit.
{136414}{136516}onIy morons are stiII into|footbaII these days, paI!
{136640}{136748}You've gotta be|into something.
{136782}{136889}What happens when you|can't find anything?
{136919}{136984}Then you're fucked,|I reckon.
{137010}{137101}Fuck it, take your Dad,|for instance.
{137125}{137187}What did he get out|of it?
{137232}{137331}We're better of Iike this.|What's wrong with us?
{137431}{137477}You Iike my cross, eh, paI?
{137568}{137632}It's yours.
{137673}{137776}It's just a cross.|Now it's time for the bizz.
{137916}{137970}I'II give you a discount.
{138026}{138099}one wound. -Thanks paI,|but you don't have to.
{138107}{138168}After aII, you are|my best mate.
{138206}{138353}Choose which one you want.|Let's make it the other hand!
{138359}{138427}So I won't be abIe to wank,|eh, paI?
{138442}{138573}No, Iet's go for the|bizz, near the heart!
{138627}{138705}Come on, cIose your eyes,|wiII you!
{138730}{138807}Are your hands shaking?|-No.
{138850}{138960}Get on with it, mate.|-Stop farting around!
{138969}{139005}You, cunts!
{139268}{139342}Why her, why d'you have|to kiII her!
{139348}{139409}I'II fucking weII|have you for that!
{139425}{139473}This is a Iaugh!
{139558}{139611}Pretending to be an|Ustasha, again, eh!?
{139617}{139693}I'II decide who I'm|gonna be, not you!
{139700}{139736}Go on then, decide!
{139789}{139902}Just don't pretend to be|a geezer 'cos you're a cunt!
{139914}{139994}Why don't you pretend to be|your Mum so we can shag you!
{140124}{140229}one buIIet, paI.|Now, he's for it!
{140256}{140297}Come on,|Iets do it together!
{142039}{142115}so here we are at the end|of our story, folks.
{142176}{142209}You, mice,
{142222}{142312}if you wanna be cool, then|l'm definitely your idol.
{142365}{142470}l'm only sorry that l|haven't been abroad,
{142476}{142562}but you can't do everything|in life, can you?
{142576}{142670}There're bustards everywhere,|what difference does it make?
{142685}{142781}l also wish l could've|shagged that black girl.
{142808}{142882}As for the Eiffel Tower|that Kure used to talk about,
{142891}{143000}well l couldn't give a toss.|l swear on my Mom's life.
{143006}{143055}This is the end, folks.
{143064}{143176}And, you know, l'm|better off that you lot!
{143189}{143199}DVD Authoring|DiMEDIA Group
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