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One the Woman (Wonder Woman / Won Deo Umeon / 원 더 우먼) Indonesian Subtitles

 One the Woman (Wonder Woman / Won Deo Umeon / 원 더 우먼)

Series Info:

Released: 17 Sep 2021
Runtime: N/A
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Director: N/A
Actors: Lee Hanee, Sang-yoon Lee, Seo-Yeon Jin
Country: South Korea
Rating: N/A


Tells the story of a tough and rogue female prosecutor, who one day loses all of her memories and changes places with a conservative housewife who looks just like her.

Oct 09, 2021 19:50:20 nungstagram Indonesian 350

Release Name:

원ㆍ더ㆍ우먼ㅡOneㅡTheㅡWomanㅡE07ㅡNEXT 👸 Revisi

Release Info:

07. Upload ulang | 01:10:13 | Maaf re-upload karena yang sebelumnya banyak kesalahan. Silakan buat yang mau aja | Jangan lupa rate ijo-ijo kalau suka sama subtitle ini | Happy watching :) 
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