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Kit Kittredge: An American Girl English Subtitles

 Kit Kittredge: An American Girl
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Kit Kittredge An American Girl[2008]DvDrip[Eng]-FXG
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{4102}{4174}It was May 2nd, 1934. {4178}{4267}Even though the Great Depression|was in full swing around the world... {4271}{4341}... it still seemed far away|from the world I knew. {4352}{4428}I was focused on one thing. {4432}{4496}I wanted to be a reporter. {5000}{5129}I was more excited that day|than I'd ever been in my whole life. {5186}{5295}Next up, Clifton and Ludlow.|Everybody up for Clifton and Ludlow. {5334}{5415}If I hurried, I'd have just enough time|to see Dad at his car dealership. {5452}{5528}Dad. Dad. Dad, look, I finished my article. {5532}{5580}That's great, honey. Oh! {5626}{5678}- Wish me luck.|- You can do it, sweetheart. {5682}{5719}Go get them. {5770}{5818}She's gonna be a reporter, that one. {5822}{5851}You just wait and see. {5888}{5952}Hobo crime spree|spreading across Ohio Valley. {5956}{6033}Come get your paper. Hobo crime spree. {6037}{6074}Hobo crime spree spreading... {6078}{6155}My brother Charlie|had arranged an introduction... {6163}{6235}... at the Cincinnati Register. {6314}{6379}Though I was going inside as a visitor... {6390}{6480}... I was certain I'd come out a journalist. {6575}{6660}How could I have known|what life had in store? {6664}{6737}I thought I was ready. {6749}{6790}Seven, please? {6922}{7008}Excuse me, Mr. Peabody? Sir? {7012}{7068}- Charlie Kittredge's sister.|- Yes, sir, I'm Kit. {7072}{7161}Uh, Billy, and I'm only 19. I'm not|a sir yet. But thanks. Uh, follow me. {7171}{7249}Charlie said you wanted|to see a real newsroom, and this is it. {7254}{7304}Wow, the Cincinnati Register. {7308}{7387}- Okay. So where's the editor?|- Uh, Gibson? Right there, why? {7398}{7472}I've written this article,|and I'd like for you to give it to him. {7489}{7569}- Uh, you'd like me to what?|- Give it to him, you know, to publish. {7574}{7608}You're kidding. {7621}{7673}You're not kidding. She's not kidding. {7677}{7751}I'm not kidding.|It's about the Chicago World's Fair. {7755}{7825}I've interviewed several people|who've actually been there. {7829}{7856}Eyewitnesses. {7860}{7923}Heh. That's what this is about?|You want an article published? {7927}{7952}Yes, thank you. {7956}{8025}Kid, you don't waltz up to the editor|of the Cincinnati Register...