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Ikebukuro West Gate Park English Subtitles

 Ikebukuro West Gate Park
Oct 17, 2020 12:44:29 leen chan English 19

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[Erai-raws] Ikebukuro West Gate Park - 02 [720p]

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[Script Info] Title: Erai-raws ScriptType: v4.00+ WrapStyle: 0 PlayResX: 1280 PlayResY: 720 [V4+ Styles] Format: Name, Fontname, Fontsize, PrimaryColour, SecondaryColour, OutlineColour, BackColour, Bold, Italic, Underline, StrikeOut, ScaleX, ScaleY, Spacing, Angle, BorderStyle, Outline, Shadow, Alignment, MarginL, MarginR, MarginV, Encoding Style: Default,Open Sans Semibold,45,&H00FFFFFF,&H000000FF,&H00020713,&H00000000,-1,0,0,0,100,100,0,0,1,1.7,0,2,10,10,25,1 [Events] Format: Layer, Start, End, Style, Name, MarginL, MarginR, MarginV, Effect, Text Dialogue: 0,0:00:13.24,0:00:16.70,Default,,0,0,0,,{\fad(500,0)\blur4\bord1\pos(678,590)\fnOpen Sans\b0\3c&H95A0A1&\c&HDBE8ED&}This is a work of fiction. The characters,organizations, and names herein are fictitious,and bear no relation to existing entities. Dialogue: 0,0:00:35.49,0:00:40.58,Default,,0,0,0,,Until then, in Ikebukuro,\Nthe G-Boys called all the shots Dialogue: 0,0:00:40.58,0:00:45.87,Default,,0,0,0,,for the delinquents, dancers,\Nthrashers, and tons of other kids. Dialogue: 0,0:00:45.87,0:00:49.49,Default,,0,0,0,,Their King is Takashi Andou. Dialogue: 0,0:00:49.49,0:00:54.04,Default,,0,0,0,,A cool ruler, not unlike a glass\Nplaced inside a freezer. Dialogue: 0,0:00:54.04,0:00:57.70,Default,,0,0,0,,The object of adoration for this town's girls. Dialogue: 0,0:00:57.70,0:01:00.20,Default,,0,0,0,,And then, {\i1}he{\i0} showed up. Dialogue: 0,0:01:00.20,0:01:04.66,Default,,0,0,0,,He suddenly started dancing in West Gate Park\Nwhen it was packed with kids, Dialogue: 0,0:01:04.66,0:01:09.12,Default,,0,0,0,,and in the blink of an eye,\Nhe won over everybody there. Dialogue: 0,0:01:12.37,0:01:15.08,Default,,0,0,0,,His name is Kyouichi Ozaki. Dialogue: 0,0:01:15.08,0:01:19.45,Default,,0,0,0,,Another bit of charisma\Nthat landed in Ikebukuro. Dialogue: 0,0:01:29.95,0:01:32.29,Default,,0,0,0,,{\blur2\bord7\pos(430,82)}{\fnOpen Sans Extrabold\b0\c&H3F5197&\3c&HEAEEFB&}Ikebukuro West Gate Park Dialogue: 0,0:02:53.29,0:02:56.41,Default,,0,0,0,,{\bord10\fs100\fnOpen Sans Extrabold\b0\pos(176,366)\c&H2718C7&}OK\NCurry Dialogue: 0,0:02:53.79,0:02:56.79,Default,,0,0,0,,OK Curry is currently running a promotion! Dialogue: 0,0:02:56.79,0:03:01.70,Default,,0,0,0,,We sure are! Get free extra rice\Nwith your OK Fried Rice! Dialogue: 0,0:03:01.70,0:03:04.41,Default,,0,0,0,,All together now! How much is OK Curry? Dialogue: 0,0:03:04.41,0:03:06.20,Default,,0,0,0,,2-9! 2-9! Dialogue: 0,0:03:06.20,0:03:07.83,Default,,0,0,0,,¥290! Dialogue: 0,0:03:07.83,0:03:09.33,Default,,0,0,0,,How much is OK Fried Rice? Dialogue: 0,0:03:09.33,0:03:10.95,Default,,0,0,0,,3-2! 3-2! Dialogue: 0,0:03:10.95,0:03:13.29,Default,,0,0,0,,¥320! Dialogue: 0,0:03:13.29,0:03:15.74,Default,,0,0,0,,You're not cut out for our company! Dialogue: 0,0:03:15.74,0:03:17.87,Default,,0,0,0,,If you want to quit, just get it over with! Dialogue: 0,0:03:17.87,0:03:20.62,Default,,0,0,0,,I'm sorry! I'll work harder from now on! Dialogue: 0,0:03:20.62,0:03:23.16,Default,,0,0,0,,Not from now on! Right now! Dialogue: 0,0:03:23.16,0:03:26.62,Default,,0,0,0,,Our company doesn't need\Nsomeone who can't do it now!