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How Do You Play? (놀면 뭐하니?) English Subtitles

 How Do You Play? (놀면 뭐하니?)
Oct 18, 2020 01:49:58 JoeruKyuden English 552

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놀면 뭐하니.How.Do.You.Play~E65-201017-NEXT-KCW

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Ep. 65 [KCW Ver.] Synced for NEXT. Runtime > 01:09:43. Note from RuoXi : This episodes numbering are according to VIU & Kocowa, as the original & NEXT episodes numbers are 64. srt & ass Color. Enjoy.... ;)... 
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1 00:00:00,020 --> 00:00:05,500 Subtitle by KOCOWA Synchronization by - ★ Joeru Kyuden ★ - 2 00:00:06,110 --> 00:00:07,110 (Original Entertainment) 3 00:00:07,430 --> 00:00:10,270 There never was an agency like this. 4 00:00:10,480 --> 00:00:13,180 Experiencing many spaces through continuous rentals. 5 00:00:13,220 --> 00:00:16,250 Achieve low cost, high efficiency by actively using connections. 6 00:00:16,250 --> 00:00:18,610 Transparent and fair contracts. 7 00:00:18,610 --> 00:00:22,590 Original Entertainment will change the agency market. 8 00:00:22,590 --> 00:00:24,780 Let me introduce the family. 9 00:00:24,780 --> 00:00:26,690 Original Entertainment's