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Dhoti Lota Aur Choupati English Subtitles

 Dhoti Lota Aur Choupati

Movie Info:

Released: N/A
Runtime: 139 min
Genre: Comedy
Director: Mohan Choti
Actors: Bindu, Laxmi Chhaya, Mohan Choti, Dharmendra
Country: India
Rating: 4.5


An assortment of characters living near Juhu, Chowpatty, meet, share comic, romantic, and fight scenes. This movie is remebered for the reverse casting as main heros such as Dharam and ...

Sep 14, 2021 04:08:07 indespensible English 10

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1 00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:03,500 2 00:03:46,125 --> 00:03:52,500 Dhoti lota aur chowpatty I cant understand this 3 00:03:53,000 --> 00:04:00,500 Either this sir of water is miser or mad He has a bungalow, a car, a motor, a vehicle, wealth, 4 00:04:01,000 --> 00:04:08,916 respect still leaving his bathroom of sweet water Why does he come to bath with this salty water of juhu 5 00:04:09,416 --> 00:04:12,458 chowpatty? Oh bald man? Just think Does anybody go to 6 00:04:12,958 --> 00:04:16,708 somebody without his own interest or need? Reduce your speech Express little and think 7 00:04:17,208 --> 00:04:26,458 about my understanding The hair on your head went away Even intelligence went off from your brain Oh 8 00:04:26,958 --> 00:04:32,416 What do you think of juhu chowpatty? Yes tell me I will understand Jai kashi jai Vishwanath 9 00:04:32,916 --> 00:04:38,458 Look In order to make you understand properly I will have to take a new birth again 10 00:04:38,958 --> 00:04:45,541 Or else You get born again Look The pani puri stall holders The dahi puri stall holders