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Cheat On Me, If You Can (If I Cheat, I Die / Barampimyeon Jookneunda / 바람피면 죽는다) Malay Subtitles

 Cheat On Me, If You Can (If I Cheat, I Die / Barampimyeon Jookneunda / 바람피면 죽는다)
Jan 10, 2021 21:20:15 MrSomebody Malay 23

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1 00:00:02,010 --> 00:00:04,210 SARIKATA 2 00:00:05,610 --> 00:00:07,910 (Semua watak, organisasi, tempat, dan peristiwa adalah fiksyen.) 3 00:00:09,481 --> 00:00:11,241 (Episod 7) 4 00:00:50,718 --> 00:00:52,918 Oh Tuhan, ada begitu banyak habuk di sini. 5 00:00:58,044 --> 00:00:59,544 Kenapa ini ada di sini? 6 00:01:17,946 --> 00:01:20,846 Awak tertinggal ini di Bilik 7508 di Saemirae. 7 00:01:21,047 --> 00:01:23,647 Ini nampak penting, jadi saya pulangkannya kepada awak. 8 00:01:40,400 --> 00:01:42,100 Limau dicampur... 9 00:01:43,362 --> 00:01:44,762 dengan ambergris.