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Aisuru (To Love / 愛する) English Subtitles

 Aisuru (To Love / 愛する)

Movie Info:

Released: 04 Oct 1997
Runtime: 114 min
Genre: Drama
Director: Kei Kumai
Actors: Miki Sakai, Atsuro Watabe, Jô Shishido, Masumi Okada
Country: Japan
Rating: 6.6


Two young people meet by chance and fall in love but the woman is diagnosed with leprosy and sent away to a remote mountain sanitorium.

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1 00:03:41,370 --> 00:03:42,700 I'm cold 2 00:03:43,270 --> 00:03:45,100 I'm hungry 3 00:03:46,240 --> 00:03:48,800 I want something good to eat somewhere 4 00:03:51,450 --> 00:03:52,710 What's that? 5 00:03:56,480 --> 00:03:57,850 He's selling lunchboxes 6 00:03:58,150 --> 00:04:00,090 Come all the way here for a lunchbox? 7 00:04:00,220 --> 00:04:01,690 Why not? 8 00:04:09,760 --> 00:04:11,200 One? 9 00:04:25,750 --> 00:04:27,480 I want all the rest 10 00:04:27,610 --> 00:04:29,740 All three for yourself?